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My philosophy has always been …

.. it never hurts to ask! … So I figured I’d ask 🙂

AND YOU RETIRE – Accepting Articles and Links

ATTENTION: Related Sites with Articles About Retirement

(Q) Do you want your site to be added to our Blogroll section in our Sidebar?

(A) We will link your blog to our blog for a reciprocal link back to our blog.

(Q) Have you written a great article and are willing to give us permission to reprint it in this blog?

(A) Use the contact form below and COPY (CTRL-C) / PASTE (CTRL-V) your article as well. Be sure to include a link back to your site to promote your own site! We do not pay for articles, but are willing to promote contributors’ sites.

(Q) Have you written a great article and want us to feature a link back to your blog in our “SIX RANDOM LINKS” posts?

(A) Use the contact form below and provide us with the link. Also, if you may .. please write an introductory paragraph to yourself, your blog and the article referred. Currently, we are only posting “SIX RANDOM LINKS” every Friday and, there’s a lot of good links out in HART’s Bloglines account. It could be possible that we will post a link to your article as a separate entry.

(Q) Do you enjoy blogging and wish to contribute articles about your own retirement and/or journey towards retirement? We’re sure a lot of other readers would LOVE to read your stories and tips and advice and suggestions! Of course, this is not a paying position, but we are willing to promote your own sites in our Blogroll section plus what you promote yourself inside your own articles! Just drop HART a line using the contact form below about that.

(A) If you like, we can set this blog up so you can log in and post stories yourself .. or, email a story directly to a secret email address that will post the article automatically into this blog! We would be honoured if you would like to contribute! (No spammers please)


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