301 Reasons to Read Lists

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Further to my entry called “Three Reasons Why I Might Be Poor When I Retire” .. I’ve had fun reading all of the lists that other bloggers had come up with. Some are obvious, some are not too obvious, some are hillarious and some are such common sense that you wonder why you didn’t think of that!

Well, I’ve been enjoying Liz Strauss’s version of a summary of all the lists .. (and a few around the ‘net surfing around the sites themselves) .. but Darren Rowse finally had them sorted out into nice and neat categories and finally made this into an “ORDERED LIST” (pun). Here are the categories:

Lists Group Writing Project – Categorized

* Blogging / Writing (1-55)
* Business / Careers (56-86)
* Consumers (87-95)
* Entertainment (96-116)
* Health & Self-Improvement (117-162)
* Hobbies (163-180)
* Home and Family (181-202)
* Law and Government (203-207)
* Miscellaneous Lists (208-222)
* Personal Finances (223-245)
* Sports (246-256)
* Technology / Internet (257-285)
* Travel (286-301)

Practically everything you need to know in “LIST” form, is above! And, because this blog is about personal finances, I thought I would link out to everyone in the Personal Finance section .. below:

223. Your Credit Card Can Earn You Money by Mooiness
224. 10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money by junger
225. The 10 Best Money Moves You Can Make by FMF
226. Five things I would do if I had $20,000 by Patrik
227. Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips by NCN
228. Why I Tithe by Nneka
229. 5 Simple Steps to Get the Most Revenue out of Ad Space by Markus
230. 5 Ways MyMoneyBlog Can Make You $100 by Jonathon
231. Fifteen easy ways to save fifteen bucks by John
232. 5 Advertising Programs that Have Earned Me at Least $1000 by Paul
233. 5 Secrets to Fabulous Financials by Single Ma
234. Four Kinds of Money Making Websites You can Start By Yourself by Peter
235. 7 Personal Finance Tips by Tim
236. Top 10+ ways to Save Money and Help the Environment by David
237. How to Organize Your Debts by Donna
238. Extended Car Warranty Do’s and Don’ts by Stuart
239. Five reasons why you should always buy in lots by Danielle
240. The 10 Things We did to Erase almost $9,000 in Credit Card Debt in Less than 6 Months by Tricia
241. List of Important Financial Documents by Jim
242. 3 Ways it costs more being a man by John
243. Three Reasons Why I Might Be Poor When I Retire by HART (1 800-HART)
244. Buying a Car the Right Way by Matt
245. Got a Dog? Here Are 5 Tips on Saving $$$ & Being a Responsible Owner by Financial Freedumb

Check out Darren’s entire List .. scan the title of all the list .. you don’t have to read them all – but I’m sure you will find something of interest!

Take care. / HART


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