Wealth Creation for Baby Boomers – Take Advantage of Hidden Riches

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Wealth Creation for Baby Boomers – Take Advantage of Hidden Riches

By Kenneth Little

Wealth creation belongs to you as a baby boomer. You served your time in the workplace or you’ve had enough business failures to write a bestseller on the subject

As a baby boomer who shuns the traditional gravitating to the grave model of existence you need to be clear on the nature of your “refirement”.

They key issue for every baby boomer who desires to refire is –

“How can I use my life and work experiences to create streams of income to keep me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed?”

You can use the ideas below . They’ll change your outlook on baby boomer wealth creation forever.

1. Where are The Hidden Riches?

The truth is your hidden riches can be found in skills you’ve used to earn a living for decades.

Consider the example of a farrier who works with horses’ hooves for most of his life. As a refired baby boomer he decides that it’s too hard to continue working with horses every day and seeks to find a way to profit from his knowledge.

Also think of the baby boomer gardener who longs to share his love of plants with others but he’s been laid off because he can’t move as fast as he once did.

What of the baby boomer who has given his life to a car manufacturing plant only to have his job sent offshore?

Let’s not forget the business owner who faces his baby boomer years with a business that has been forced to the wall by cheap imports.

Where are the hidden riches in the lives of the farrier, the gardener, the auto worker and the business owner?

And in your life?

They are in the knowledge held by each baby boomer .

You will have seen this confirmed in your own work life when you were last hit by a wave of restructuring and your boss asked you to prepare a user manual for your position.

It’s too late for you and me but whenever you have loved ones faced with this request please advise them to take as long as possible.

You see, experience has shown me, their last day in the workplace will be the day after they hand in their manual.

Why? Because they have just handed their boss the power – The Knowledge – to send their job offshore and have their work done, based on all they’ve done and recorded in the manual.

So how do you fight back as a baby boomer whose business was lost to overseas competitors or whose job was offshored?

Learn from the experience and develop your own K.I.D.S program.

2. What To Do With the Hidden Riches When You Find Them?

You will have much greater success with your K.I.D.S program when you take the time to consider the steps it requires of every baby boomer who wants to benefit from it.

K.I.D.S stands for Knowledge, Information, Dollars and System.

You take Knowledge you gained in one area over the years in the workplace, convert it into saleable “packets” of Information, which you market for Dollars and then you repeat the process as you find another area of knowledge and develop the process into a System

3. How to Make the Hidden Riches Work Best for You

The secret, to make the baby boomer hidden riches work best for you as you develop your K.I.D.S system, is to create an ebook or electronic book based on your area of knowledge.

Warning – do not stop reading now as you are challenged by the suggestion of writing a book. I want to encourage you by telling you the writer of this article, and of three books, began his writing when afflicted with many of the learning challenges know to man, and even one that didn’t have a name.

You get the picture. Working with words was not easy for me to begin with. It was hard but now it’s a labor of love.

My prayer is that you will join the ranks of baby boomers who are fighting back against those who have robbed them of their livelihoods or forced them to retire well before they were ready.

Use your hard-earned knowledge to be blessed by your hidden riches in secret places as you create multiple streams of income to secure your financial future

Enjoy your new found hidden riches.

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