Getting Out of Credit Card Debt – Increase Your Income

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By Michael M Thomas

When you are stuck under a pile of credit card debt, it can often feel like it is impossible to find your way out. The easiest way to dig yourself out of credit card debt is to increase your income. Here are three easy ways to increase your income:

Sell the stuff you don’t use. Ebay estimates that there is $1,000 worth of unused merchandise in the average house. Take a look around your house and through your closets. What do you have that you don’t use anymore? Sell it in an online auction or have a garage sale in your neighborhood. That’s free money in your pocket. If your friends, family, or neighbors are too lazy to sell their own unused things, offer to sell them for them in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds.
Take on a part-time job. You probably already have a day job. An extra job on the side makes you extra money to pay off your bills. If you like sports, work at a sports bar. See if your favorite store will hire you to work a few hours a week (you may even be able to get a discount at these stores, which can help save you money if you shop there already). If you own a lawn mower and like to be outside, ask your neighbors if you can cut their grass for a small fee.
Ask for a raise. Hey, it can’t hurt. But don’t just walk into your boss’s office and ask for a raise. Present your case. Bring it up at an appropriate time. When your boss finished your performance appraisal, mention some of the specific ways you have added value to the company. Follow that up by stating reasons why you deserve a pay raise.
There are many ways to eliminate your credit card debt by increasing your income. Selling stuff you don’t use, taking on a part-time job, and asking for a raise are three easy ways that nearly anyone can do.

Michael M Thomas paid off over $50,000 in credit card debt. You can learn how Mike did it by reading his blog. Mike’s Credit Card Debt website also provides a free newsletter which regularly provides money saving tips. You can learn more about it and sign up for the newsletter here.

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