Building Assets the Right Way

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By Matt Fox

Anyone with a desire to be wealthy, rich, or comfortable needs to follow a few steps. The first step is to create a plan of attack. An attack on poverty, on risk and on conventional thinking. Then they actually need to follow through with their plan. The plans vary person to person. For instance, older people can’t take the same risks as young people. They don’t have the time to spare. Nor would it be easy for them to replace lost money. But anyone can choose an investment plan that will work for their situation.

To create wealth you clearly need assets. An asset is not only something with value, but something that will put money in your pocket on a regular or planned basis. The assets you acquire can be purchased, like a dividend bearing stock or an interest bearing bond. They can be created, like residual income producing assets such as a product, song, book or network marketing system or even an insurance agents list of clients. By creating an asset instead of purchasing an asset, you will be able to build wealth in the fastest possible way because there is no capital investment. The capital you save can be used to create more assets. That is how a person gets rich. By using assets to buy or create more assets. You can earn an income for years to come from the same asset. The more assets you can build or buy, the wealthier you become as long as you reinvest your income into more assets.

Most assets you create become the fundamental elements of a business. The finest businesses to build into assets are the ones where you don’t have to work every day. If you take the day off, your asset is still producing an income for you. Real Estate offers this characteristic in many different ways, through residential properties, industrial properties and commercial properties to name a few. Other vehicles exist as well, such as insurance products, books, videos, audio CD’s, DVD’s and electronic files. Network marketing systems can create millionaires with their downlines. Podcasts and audio casts and any website can be an asset that can throw off income straight into your pockets.

Assets such as these also have another advantage. They create income that is taxed at a lower rate than any paycheck. The income earned on a paycheck is taxed at the highest rates. Income earned through portfolio or passive income is taxed at the lowest rates. There are no social taxes removed either. Social Security or Medicare is not taken from either passive or portfolio income. Expenses are deducted first as well, lowering your overall tax basis.

If you believe that you are incapable of creating an asset of your own, then you will be incapable. If you believe you can build as many assets as you want and actually get to work on building and creating assets, then you will become rich as long as you never quit on yourself. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes some time, but after any asset is in your portfolio it will begin to earn money for you. When reinvested into more assets your income will grow. When your assets produce more income than your expenses, congratulations, you are wealthy.

Matt Fox is a successful investor in the stock market, real estate market and in private deals with individuals and businesses. See his column, My market time at to learn more about the stock market and other investment vehicles.

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