Tools for Planting and Cultivating

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By Robert Gettle

Shovels come in small, large, round, or square, scooped or flat. You’ll have to have one to dig up soil and move it around. Choose a light weight one that has a comfortable hand grip. A small bladed shovel is easier and less tiring to handle.

A spade is a flat sharp straight edge blade shovel designed for slicing into the soil. It is excellent for edging garden beds and slicing through tough roots beneath the soil. A spading fork is useful for digging up the soil. It is heavy tined fork with a D-handle, a great tool for dividing perennials.

A trowel is a short hand held scoop that you use to dig small holes for transplanting and planting. It is also great for dividing plants and working the soil.

A long handle cultivator is a handy tool to break up chunks of soil and remove weeds due to the small pitchfork tip at the end of it. Pull towards you from back to front. It is excellent for loosening the soil around your vegetable plants.

With a long handle and a stirrup like hinged blade that moves back and forth when you push it through the soil. The oscillating stirrup hoe has two edges to disturb the soil in two directions. It is an excellent cultivator that will cut through weed roots and other vegetation. Other pattern hoes are worth mentioning here, they are the basic hoe, onion hoe, it is a 6 inch blade that is 2-3 inches deep. They were originally used to cultivate in onion fields. The diamond is a rugged tool that erases weeds easily with a push pull motion. The razor-sharp 8 inch diamond steel blade makes the task of weeding a smooth, almost effortless motion. It should last you a lifetime. When you need to make furrows for seeding the warren is the tool to reach for. It has a triangle type blade, that produces perfect depth furrow for seed planting.

Robert Gettle 25 years experience in landscaping.

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