Paris Vacation Planning

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By Frank Collins

When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities, entertainment, meals, and of course some of the world famous attractions. Paris has a wide array of choices from sporting events, art festivals to fine dining.

In Paris, many people stay in apartments for vacation. The hotels are nice, yet the apartments are cheaper and more relaxing with more of a home feeling. Moreover, an apartment has extra living space versus a hotel. Some of the apartments in Paris are on islands or neighboring environments along the exquisite Seine River.

You can plan a stay at the apartments near the St. Martin Canal. Some of the apartments have Internet connection, which is ideal for writers, business executives, and traveling students. For the travelers on a budget, there are also youth hostels.

When choosing places to stay in Paris, be sure you research the market. Hotels and apartments are available for vacationers. The downside is many hotel rooms cost $100 and up per night. Choose from the many hotel booking sites online.

How to get around in Paris:

Getting around in Paris is quite easy using the metro or bus passes. It is wise to purchase passes before you leave for vacation, you will save money. The passes include the Roissy Bus, which costs only $10. You can use this bus to travel to Paris’s popular airports, such as Charles De Gaulle. In addition, you can purchase museum passes. The passes include transportation in some instances. If you purchase the passes in Paris, you will need to consider exchange rates. Online however, you can find the passes for the same amount you would spend in Paris and avoid waiting in line.

If you intend to visit the famous museums in Paris, such as the Louvre, you may want buy two day passes. The passes will take you to la Carte and to many monuments and museums in Paris. You are taken straight to the destination. The price of the passes are $40. Paris monuments and museums however allow children under eighteen free passes. If you are on a budget, you may want to get a three-day pass, which allows you to travel on the metro bus. The pass gives you unlimited entries up to three days. The passes cost $13 for children ages 11 and below.

You will find better deals by choosing travel packages. The downside is if you prefer to visit Paris without a tour guide, then forgets your itinerary. The packages have tour guides that take you to Paris’s main tourist attractions.

The travel packages often include flight, car rental, activities, entertainment, accommodations, etc. In some instances, you also get discounts on fine French cuisine. If you choose a cruise package, normally your items are paid with the package. Taking a cruises is also nice, since you’ll be on some of Paris’s most beautiful liners, which carry you across some of the most amazing shores of Paris.

To learn more about packages, planning, and more check out the many web sites online where you will find coupons, promotions, discounts, sales and more.

Frank Collins is an traveler and an editor for Exploring

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