Small Bathroom Shower Installed Easily Over The Bathtub

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By Steve Gee

Adding a shower to a small bathroom without remodeling

A shower is a great asset to any bathroom and if you don’t already have one then you should think seriously about putting one in. But what do you do if your bathroom is too small for a separate shower cubicle and you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of a full bathroom remodel?

When a separate shower cubicle isn’t possible

A separate shower cubicle is always going to be the best solution in my book but this usually means that you will have to move things around and at the very least install some additional plumbing. Even if you have a large bathroom there is a good chance that the original installers spread out the bathtub, toilet and washbasin so that it didn’t look like it was all crowded into a corner. A good idea at the time maybe but not so clever if you want to add a shower later.

Over the bathtub shower

So why not put a shower over your existing bathtub. You won’t need any extra space, you don’t need to move anything around and you won’t need much plumbing work done.

Combined bathtub faucets and shower head

Replacing the faucets on your bathtub with a set that includes a built in showerhead attachment can be the easiest and cheapest way to add a shower to your small bathroom. Having looked around a bathroom showroom earlier today I see that there are many attractive designs to suit all tastes so you might want to go and take a look yourself.

Prepare the walls and the ceramic tiles

If you are going to stand in your bath and spray water around then you should first make sure that your wall surfaces are properly waterproofed, usually with ceramic tiles, and that the bathtub is sealed to the wall with a silicon sealer to prevent water leaking over the side.

Fit the faucets and shower head

When you have had the faucet unit fitted to your bathtub all you need to do to transform the combination faucet and showerhead into a proper shower is to fix a holder on the wall at the right height for the showerhead.

Shower curtain or screen

When you have properly sealed the ceramic tiles and fitted the faucets and showerhead the only thing left to do is fit a shower curtain or a solid shower screen and you have a brand new shower in your small bathroom.

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