Effects of Aging and Keeping Them in Check

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Growing old means your body goes through a variety of changes. It’s just a natural progression of life. Bones, joints, skin tissue, muscles, hormones and even changes at the cellular level all occur. It is up to you and partially your genetic history to make certain lifestyle choices which will allow you to retire and age gracefully.

Changes in your Joints, Bones and Muscles

Most people recognize that posture often changes as you grow older. This occurs because your vertebrae become compressed and density could be lost in the bones. Joints, after a lifetime of “abuse” become stiffer and you also lose flexibility and some movement. With muscles, they tend to thin with little activity keeping them supple. Muscle tone is lost as well as flexibility.

Of course, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle while you are still young, you will less likely lose muscle tone, flexibility and bone density. It takes exercise and a good diet rich in calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for health from the bones to the pores of your body.

Changes in your Cells, Body Tissue and Organs

There are millions of cells which make up all the parts of your body. Just envision them as Lego blocks, constructing the body tissue, skin, muscles and organs in your body. As you age, these cells grow, rendering them less capable of reproducing new, healthy cells. This slowing of cell reproduction is what makes body tissue more inflexible. The trend continues with the blood vessels and organs.

Skin loses some of its elasticity which is important for protection against injury, wrinkles and more. Have you ever noticed great-grandma’s crepe papery thin skin? This is a result of drastic aging. In addition, when the body tissue becomes more rigid, this means that your muscles become weaker and less dense. Also, the body organs like the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys start to work at a slower capacity and at a less effective pace.

With a good healthy regiment that starts when you are young, you can greatly slow down the aging process from the inside out. Of course, it is never too late to adopt healthier lifestyle principles, even after retirement.

Hormone Changes in the Aging Process

Hormones are produced from various organs in your body and can have a great effect on some of your body processes. These hormones affect your body in different ways so it stands to reason that as you age, your hormone levels will change too. Menopause is just one of these hormone changes that can have a profound effect on your health.

Basically, there is no way to get around growing older. Sure, some people will go for plastic surgery to tighten up the skin or have some fat suctioned out. However, eventually, Father Time is going to march right over your body. You have two things that you can do to stay as healthy as possible to grow old with grace. First, you keep those doctor appointments for check-ups and physicals. And second, adopt a healthier lifestyle by abstaining from alcohol and tobacco. Eat a better diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Most of all, get plenty of sleep and rest so that your age doesn’t show!


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