Dancing your Way to a Healthier Retirement

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Dancing is a way let your spirit move you – literally. For some reason, dancing opens people up. It unites people, sparks the imagination and brings a smile to your face. For some, dancing is a way to reminisce about the good old days. Who knew that dancing is a great exercise for older adults too?

For a great workout of the body as well as the mind and spirit, dancing is the perfect choice. Regular exercise is the best way to keep healthy, both in body and in spirit. With exercise, you can expect that those chemicals in the brain will kick start new growth in nerve cells. And because you have to learn the moves, not only will you benefit physically, you will also keep your mind sharp as well.

Dancing is also beneficial to those people with memory loss and dementia related symptoms like Alzheimer’s. Because some people’s memories are tied to physical activities like dancing, there is better recall of those memories. In addition, dancing is a great way to burn extra calories and keep your metabolism from dragging too much as you age.

It doesn’t matter what type of dancing it is – tap, ballroom, salsa, waltz, jazz or even ballet – any kind is great for the brain and the body. The benefits are many! Here is what you can expect when you adopt dancing as one of your primary forms of exercise:

1. You can strengthen your muscles and bones as well as tone your entire body.
2. Your balance improves along with your posture. This benefit can prevent accident such as falling.
3. Your stamina improves and you will find that elasticity in your muscles is increased and you do not hurt your joints either.
4. Dancing boosts confidence and reduces tension and stress.
5. Dancing is a social exercise so you are liable to meet new people.
6. This type of exercise also helps keep illness away like depression, heart disease, diabetes and even osteoporosis.

Be sure to consult with your doctor first before finding that dance class. You want to ensure that you have a clean bill of health or get a set of safety guidelines to follow when dancing. It is an exercise for everyone, even those with physical limitations.

You will be able to find dance classes in your area. Many towns near metropolitan areas have at least one dance studio. In addition, senior centers, gyms, churches and even colleges offer dancing as well. You may want to try a few different kinds of dancing before settling on a favorite. Depending on where you live could also dictate what type of dancing is available. For instance, in the South, you will definitely find square dancing and even line dancing. Cotton-eyed Joe is a dandy way to get the blood pumping too if you are in rodeo country.

The bottom line is that dancing is a great cardiovascular activity that is fun and easy to do. As long as you can get up and move, you can dance your way to better health.


Debo Hobo says:

Dancing is great for weight loss as well 🙂

that is quite true! And, I’ve found out that your pets will NOT make fun of you if they watch you dance in the privacy of your own home either 🙂

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