Orchid Growing Tips for the Indoor Gardener

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There are few plants more beautiful and dramatic than the orchid. While orchid growing used to be limited to the rich of society, today’s wide selection and availability of these plants has allowed anyone to enjoy them within their own homes. And although many still believe that orchids are a difficult plant to grow, most indoor gardeners have found that with a few orchid growing tips under their belts, orchids can be an attainable beauty for just about everyone.

Tip #1: The Growing Medium

The first and most important orchid growing tip that you need to know is that most orchids to not require soil to take root in. In fact, most species of orchids grow in sand, pebbles, or even on the sides of trees. One of the most common mistakes that first-time orchid growers make is to attempt to place their plant in a pot of soil. Then they wonder why their plant dies so quickly. By following the orchid growing tips of your local nursery or extension office, you can provide the best medium, for your plant to allow it to thrive.

Some orchids do best when they are allowed to attach to a piece of bark or cork. These are generally the plants that are found in the wild attached to tree trunks. You can also find commercial orchid mediums that are made from substances like bark, volcanic rock or charcoal. For your best orchid growing tips regarding the medium that your plant will thrive in, it is best to talk to someone familiar with the different types of orchids and their requirements.

Tip #2: Proper Lighting

Another important orchid growing tip to keep in mind is the amount of light that your plant will require. Most orchids do best with some shade, so a southern window will often provide the best source of bright, filtered light for your plant. However, the amount of light required will tend to vary between the different varieties of orchids, and some will do better with more or less light than southern exposure will allow. Again, for the best orchid growing tips, you need to be familiar with the exact type of orchid that you are growing, so that you can talk to an orchid expert about the specific lighting requirements for your plant. An orchid that does not get enough light will not flower, so sunlight is very important for you to be able to enjoy your plant to the fullest.

Orchids can be a beautiful addition to any home décor. By following a few simple orchid growing tips, you will rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your delightful plant to the absolute fullest.


Thank for the information. I live in Indonesia where you can find orchid almost every where, at neighbors’ houses or even in restaurants and malls. I always admire them too but never tried growing them until my mother gave me a pot of orchid with its beautiful purple flower. Im trying my best to make them flowering again.

Thank you for the information. I live in Indonesia where we can find orchid almost everywhere, from at neighbors’ houses to restaurants and malls. I like gardening but never tried orchid until my mother gave me a pot of it with its beautiful purple flower. Now I’m challenging myself to see this plant flowering once again.

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