Hawaii – About the Hawaii Superferry

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The Hawaii Superferry offers an entirely new way to get around the Hawaiian Islands, a way which has quickly become incredibly popular, especially with tourists. The company actually began as a vision to restore to Hawaii a time-honored means for traveling between the islands, and was not expected to become half as popular as it did.

* The Experience

There are almost an endless number of options when it comes to the Hawaii Superferry. Traveling between the Hawaiian Islands by boat is truly a traditional and time-honored method, and the ancient Polynesians, with their true indomitable courage and genius for navigation, first commanded these waters some years ago and developed a proud history which has been carried on as best as possible over the years.

The Hawaiian Superferry is much more than just an alternative method of travel around the islands, and it is truly honoring Hawaiian culture in general.

The passenger experience is truly incredibly on the Hawaiian Superferry, and the following amenities are available to you onboard: panoramic vistas from their specially engineered passenger deck, which has a higher section that offers a clear view, even from the middle of the ferry, family seating that includes numerous inviting leather sofas paired with coffee tables and offering each family a separate seating section, big-screen entertainment such as newly released movies and Hawaiian-themed programming, video games catering to the entertainment needs of young adults, and low-E glass, which allows light in while moderating heat and helps to keep you cool and comfortable.

The dining and entertainment features on the Hawaiian Superferry are astounding as well, and the company is proud to offer the best in island foods and beverages onboard the mighty vessel. From Kona coffee to sandwiches, salads, soups and entrees, you will dine on everything from the most casual to the finest Hawaiian cuisine.

There is also a center available on the Superferry just for kids, which offers a family-friend environment featuring a special play place just for kids, the Manta Cove. Their gaming arcade will amuse the older children and even young adults, making the Hawaiian Superferry trip enjoyable and amusing for everyone involved.

If you are interested in setting sail on the gorgeous Hawaiian seas on the Hawaiian Superferry, you will want to call in to book your reservation as soon as possible, in order to ensure availability. Seats get filled incredibly quickly, so the earlier on you book the better chances you are going to have of getting fit in.


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