How to Grow Orchids on Your Windowsill

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Learning how to grow orchids in your home is a beautiful hobby. Orchids have been recorded in history for centuries as a flower of love and commitment. Orchids are traditionally used in wedding bouquets and made into corsages for proms and homecoming dances. They are in special corsages for anniversaries and inaugurations and have stood the passage of time in preserving their beauty. Orchids are grown with special care and learning how to grow orchids takes patience and love.

The Windowsill

The very first thing you need to do when learning how to grow orchids is to buy a good book on orchids. This book will come in very handy during your orchid growing project. If you have a window in your home with a southern exposure you will learn how to grow varieties of orchids right on the windowsill. Even if your windows are partially obscured by buildings or trees you should still be able to grow your orchids. All that you need to begin your orchid growing is a windowsill and a humidity tray on which to place your potted plants. A nearby misting bottle is good to have on hand to mist your plants occasionally.

Light Conditions

Starting with two or three orchids is a suitable amount to start your project. There is no need to crowd your windowsill and two or three plants are an easy number of plants to handle. If you have sun loving orchids (check your handy orchid book) grow them several inches from the window pane. Shade loving orchids (again check your orchid book) can be grown in the shadow of these plants. Knowing how to grow orchids in different light conditions can make the difference between beautiful orchids and dead orchids. Direct sunlight on orchid plants can burn leaves especially during hot summer months.

A sheer curtain may be needed to protect your orchids from any excessive light and heat. Good air circulation is also important and a light fan that is directed just above the leaves will keep your plants cool. If little pests become a problem on your plants, gently wash or scrape them off of your plant. Using isopropyl alcohol to spot treat your plants is a handy way to keep your orchids pest free. Isopropyl alcohol is easily accessible as it is found in most bathroom medicine chests.

One basic rule in learning how to grow orchids is when watering your orchids keep in mind that orchids tolerate being too dry rather than too wet. Be sure and let the water run through the pot in order to eliminate any mineral deposits that have settled into the soil. The amount of water depends on a lot of different variables. It depends on the size of the pot, the composition of the soil, the type of orchid, which direction the windowsill is facing, is the plant active and how hot is the weather. But remembering the one basic rule for watering orchids should keep you safe. Knowing how to grow your own orchids is a fun, beautiful and easy hobby especially from your very own windowsill.


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