Taking Preventative Measures Ensures a Long, Healthy Retirement

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It all boils down to preventative maintenance in order to enjoy a long, healthy retirement. Being proactive about your health includes regular health screenings for cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Your lifestyle such as diet, exercise and sleep habits also play a huge part in staying healthy.

So what exactly do you need to do in order to maintain your health and enjoy life to the fullest? Let’s find out:

Lifestyle Choices

Take a look at your lifestyle and see where you can improve. A proper diet is essential and getting the proper vitamin and minerals can go a long way towards preventing illness and disease. If you haven’t already, keep your salt and fat intake to a minimum. Eating plenty of dark leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, low fat dairy, lean meats and fish and whole grains will definitely go a long way in maintaining a healthy body.

Exercise is essential. If you are overweight, you need to adopt a healthier diet and incorporate exercise such as walking, a great cardiovascular activity. Yoga, Pilates and strength training are definite body boosters. If your budget allows, consult with a personal trainer or get a gym membership as an incentive to stay fit. Join a walking club or exercise class.

Drinking in moderation and abstaining from tobacco products is a definite health positive. Smoking is linked not only to cancer but also to high blood pressure and a number of other health risks.

Regular Dental and Health Check-Ups

Poor dental health leads to a number of health risks, so be sure to schedule regular maintenance check-ups for teeth cleaning and yearly x-rays. Fillings, bridge work and other dental devices should be regularly maintained as well. Gum disease and tooth decay are major contributors and indicators of something more serious.

Keep up to date on vaccinations and flu shots. Many seniors die every year from the flu because they did not get the flu shot. By becoming vaccinated, you can greatly build your resistance against this debilitating illness. Also, keep in mind that tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations should occur every ten years. In certain areas, you may also need the hepatitis vaccine as well. Make sure that you stay up to date on these inoculations.

Yearly physicals are also essential. At these check-ups you will want to inquire about the preventative screening for cancer. In addition, there are blood tests to determine diabetes, anemia, cholesterol and more. In order to stay healthy, these screening should be done as a preventative measure. If you catch an illness early, there is a greater chance of overcoming it. Don’t neglect your eyes either. Some illnesses have been caught early and cured due to regular eye exams.

Don’t be afraid to seek counseling with various experts in case you have any non-life threatening health issues like impotence, depression or menopause. Sometimes, you just need a helpful push in the right direction with guidance from a nutritionist, personal trainer or even a homeopathic physician. By being proactive in your health, you can ensure that your retirement years are truly golden.


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