Sleep Issues as you Grow Older and Helpful Advice to Catch Some Zzzz’s

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Doesn’t it just figure? You finally get to retirement, having earned that peaceful respite after a long life of working. However, you start to develop sleep issues which hinder your ability to get a good night’s rest. If you have a problem getting to sleep or staying that way, chances are that you are not getting the rest you need to feel rejuvenated. There are some things you can try however, to re-capture that time with the Sandman:

1. Stick to a schedule – Always stick to the same schedule whether it is a weekend or a holiday. By going to bed at the same time every night, you are getting your circadian rhythm in sync with your lifestyle. Also, by making sure that you are getting some sunshine or natural light in your daily afternoon rituals, this can better tell your body what time of day it is.

2. Nix the napping – Try to not take a nap in the middle of the day. This can upset your entire circadian rhythm, which is your inner clock that tells you when to sleep. If you sleep in the middle of the day, you are retraining your body to not sleep at night.

3. Exercise on schedule – Exercise is good for your health and body. However, be sure that if you exercise in the evening that you do so at least several hours before bedtime. This will give your body a chance to decompress.

4. Diet issues – What time you eat and drink as well as what you eat and drink can wreak havoc on your night life. First of all, do not consume alcohol or caffeine late in the day as it could keep you up at bedtime. In addition, try and eat dinner a few hours before bed so that indigestion or heartburn does not wake you. You can however, indulge in warm milk or decaffeinated chamomile tea which can lull you to sleep.

5. Create a relaxing bedroom space – Practice good feng shui and create a pleasing, calming space conducive to sleep. Keep your bedroom dark and cool. If you are sensitive to light, choose an alarm clock with a dimmer switch. Make sure that sleep is the only thing that happens in that room. Relocate your computer, desk and exercise equipment in another room.

6. Take a warm bath or shower – A warm bath or shower will cause your body to take time to cool off when you are in bed. For many people, the warm bath or shower is relaxing and the cooling process your body goes through creates drowsiness.

7. Get help from a doctor – If you have tried everything possible and you still cannot get to sleep, visit with your doctor about treatments.

Sleep is essential for life. If you cannot get enough rest and sleep, your health could be come impaired and you are also more susceptible to injury. Seek help for your sleep problems and hopefully soon you can be having sweet dreams.


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