And When You Retire … Where Do You Want To Be?

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Hi. I’m on vacation now, at the cottage .. on a wireless EVDO connection with my Laptop computer, sitting in the shade at my … well .. something I am practicing for when I do retire – My New Home Office!

This is my little desk and chair where I play on my Laptop

This is where we walk to some days!

The is Sunset Beach, Victoria Beach, Manitoba

When I’m not relaxing or on the Laptop .. I’m having a BBQ

When I’m not working on the computer or walking around the beaches, I’m having a BBQ

This is partly what I’m working for in my retirement days … (hopefully not to be too long from now~)

Where is your retirement place in mind?


susankellogg says:

How magnificent the place is! I would like to spend all my life thier enjoying the beauty of Nature and listening to the bubble of the ocean.

Of course what we do now determines our future. from what i can see, it looks like your future is well secured and you are up for a good time. beautiful place that is, mmmm yummy burgers.

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