Expect the Unexpected

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Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, usually at the worst possible moment.

Murphy was obviously a parent.

My response in dealing with Murphy’s Law over the years has been to cultivate a healthy portion of flexibility.  You have to learn to bend and adapt to the curve balls that life throws at you or otherwise, you will break(or at least be a very, very irritable parent who doesn’t enjoy life very much).

Recently, a dear high school friend of mine became a parent for the first time at the age of 39.  I talked with her days before she went into labor and she had grand plans of how it was all going to happen.  There would be music, soft lighting and it would all be a positive, uplifting experience that would go according to the plans that she had created.  I tried to prepare her to expect the unexpected and I encouraged her to pack a “flexible attitude” in her hospital bag just in case.

 After an extremely long and difficult labor, my friend had to have an emergency c-section to deliver her baby girl.  This left her devastated because she really had her heart set on the birth experience she had created in her birthing plan.  Instead of being able to concentrate on her child, she became very depressed and angry about the birth experience that she felt she deserved, but was denied. My heart just broke for her.

My friend’s child just turned 1 1/2 years old and she is able to chuckle about the whole experience now. She acknowledges that there was no way she was able to chuckle about it shortly after the birth though.

I was reminded of the truth of Murphy’s Law tonight.  Yes, even after 15 years of parenting, I still get blindsided when the unexpected happens at the worst possible moment. 

This afternoon, a water main in our town broke.  Trust me when I tell you that living in a house with 5 children and no water is not a very happy thing.  We worked around the incident, and I got some bottled water to use for drinking. 

As I was buying a few gallons of water to hold us over until the water main was fixed, I never expected that my toddler would come down with some sort of virus later that evening which would cause him to vomit repeatedly. What are the odds? Apparently, they are pretty good odds.

How do you clean up a child and wash without water? You use pool water.  I hauled in water from our pool and used it to wash up my son.  A little bit of exercise was good for me I suppose!

After changing his crib sheets, and pajamas, I put him to bed.  As soon as he was settled, I went back out to haul more water so I could do a load of laundry. 

I filled up the washer and started up the machine, but just out of curiosity, I turned to faucet handle and water poured out.  It seems that they’d fixed the water leak while I was out hauling pool water to my washing machine.  Imagine that!

Personally, I’m hoping that I have hit my quota for a least the rest of the week and that Murphy will go and visit someone else.


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