Here Come the Holidays!

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When I was a child, it seemed to take forever for Christmas to arrive. 

I never realized until I had kids that there is only a month between Thanksgiving(for us in the USA) and Christmas.  Seriously, that month seems shorter than any other month of the year, including February.  Going backwards on the calendar, you will notice that there is an equally short month between Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Time warp back another month, and you have the start of school.

After Christmas, you just have time to blink your eyes and New Year’s Eve is happening.  Since my fourth child was born on New Year’s Day, we have a birthday celebration on that day as well.

I’m not complaining mind you, but I’ve found that in order to be able to enjoy the holiday season, I need to begin planning in September.  Yes, I am beginning to think about Christmas now that the kids are back in school.  I know, I know, but it’s really actually a good idea to begin now.

 I have found it wise to consider “Back To School” time the start of the holiday season because each month from September to January has a major event that needs to be budgeted, planned and executed.

You are stressing already, right?  Don’t.  In future posts, I’ll walk you through the holiday season step by step and help you to plan super and frugal holiday events that your family will remember for years to come. 

Don’t worry about Christmas just yet.  However, you can start planning for Halloween.  Talk to your children about their costume ideas and help them to search for ideas if they haven’t gotten a clue.  Think about the trick-or-treaters that will visit your neighborhood: what kind of treats will you be handing out this year?  Will you decorate your house and yard at all? 

After making these decisions, you can budget for the upcoming celebration.  Start to look for sales on candy and costumes in order to save more money.  You can also save money on costumes by checking out local thrift stores or online auction sites.

The holidays will arrive and depart whether or not you are prepared.  However, you can be prepared and you can have a relatively stress free, enjoyable holiday season.  It’s possible if you are organized and if you begin early enough.  

 Start preparing today!


My wife has almost finished her christmas shopping in August! that’s when all the great craft shows are 🙂

Wow! I’m impressed….and slightly jealous too.

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