Fun Fall Festivities

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When I lived north of the Mason Dixon line, the imaginary line that divides the Southern and Northern USA, my favorite season was Fall.  I loved to watch the leaves change colors and I enjoyed the cooler days and nights. 

I now live on the southern portion of coastal Virginia and I’ve found that the leaves really don’t change color here.  They turn a sort of orangish-brown sometime in late October and then just give up the ghost and fall off the tree in January.  That’s pretty much it.

Weather and leaves aside, Fall is a great season for planning family activities.  The cooler, but pleasant weather temperatures make this the perfect time of year to plan a neighborhood yard sale, organize an outside get together, or block party.

Many communities have different festivals that are inexpensively priced.  Scan your local paper or log on to your city’s website to learn about activities such as hayrides, haunted houses, and corn mazes.  Many farms have pumpkin patches where you and your children can find that perfect pumpkin for carving or decorating.

In our area, several coummunity organizations have harvest festivals complete with food, games, hayrides, bonfires, and rides for the children.  Many of the festivals have free admission which is wonderful.  The best part about participating in these festivals is that you get to go in costume!  Our children, even the teens, really enjoy that part.

In years past, we had enjoyed taking a drive in the country to look at the fall foliage.  Since the best leaf displays in our state are 4 hours away on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of central Virginia, we have been scheming to try to make the trip a reality, especially given high gas prices. 

We decided to skip a “vacation” this summer and instead, we’ll take the children to Monticello to see Thomas Jefferson’s house which happens to be near the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are also other historic sites nearby and if we have time, we can visit them.  I know it sounds silly but the thought of driving and wasting gas money just to see leaves seemed frivolous to me.  The fact that I can combine fun and education into one trip has made me feel better budgeting the gas money for such a trip.

I’d encourage you to begin to check and see what activities and events are offered locally in your area during this season.  You and your children will be glad you did!


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