Holiday Prep Plans — Week 1

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And we’re off!

September is almost over and soon Halloween will be here! In a few short months, Christmas will be arriving.  Don’t panic, but do get started with holiday plans now.

Things to do this week:

*  Start purchasing candy for Halloween.  The selection is best now and you can find some wonderful sales! I try to purchase at least one bag of candy weekly starting now until Halloween.  You may need more or less candy depending upon many things.  For example, how many school parties will your children be attending?  Will you need to contribute to these events?  On average, how many visitors can you expect on Halloween?  Is Halloween one or two nights in your community?  Will you be donating any goodies to your church for any community events that they may be having?  That’s a LOT of candy!

Of course, how many bags of candy will your family eat before the holiday even arrives?  I have found it best to actually HIDE the candy.  I also plan that the children and my spouse will find at least one of my hiding spots and they will eat at least 2 bags of candy before I discover that they have found my hiding spot.

* If you are having a party for Halloween, begin to make a guest list and a supply list

* Purchasing your paper supplies at The Dollar Store will save you quite a bit of money, but you’ll need to shop early.  Supplies run out quickly.

* Check for Halloween costumes at thrift stores or online.  Remember to shop early for the best selection.

* Begin to think about what kind of Christmas holiday season you would like for your family to have this year.  What traditions would you like to continue?  Are there new traditions you’d like to start?

I have begun to make a list of the things that I would like to happen this year during the holiday season.  Of course, we may not be able to squeeze it all in, but I’d like to try.

My list includes such things as sending Christmas cards, baking holiday cookies, and making homemade candy for gifts for local friends and family.  I’d also like to decorate the house and go to see some of the local light displays.  Of course, my young son needs to have a visit with Santa Claus when he visits the local mall!  We also go caroling around the neighborhood every year to spread a little bit of holiday cheer. 

* Create a Holiday Folder to help you organize your holiday plans and keep information relating to you holiday events.`


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