Preparing for Halloween Week 2

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Week Two has arrived!  Are you ready for the holidays? 

 Let’s face it: holidays and celebrations are a huge party of having children.  Not only will you have to organize your own holiday celebrations, but your children are sure to be invited to different parties and events during the next few months which will also require preparation.

 For today’s post, we’re just going to center in on Halloween.  Tomorrow’s post will concentrate on Christmas. 

 The first week of October is almost upon us!  I am already preparing for the holiday events for this month in addition to trick-or-treating.  A lot needs to get accomplished this month and so I am making my lists and checking them twice.  I’ll share with you the things that we are going to be doing this week to prepare for Halloween. 

 Plan Community Fun

 October where we live is usually a nice month for outdoor activities.  Our church group is planning a fall festival at one of the local farms this year to celebrate the season in a fun way.  We’ll have a hot dog roast and a hay ride. 

Guess who is heading up the hayride committe?  This week I want to narrow down my options for hayride places and compare prices and facilities.  I have always organized a hayride either for our school group, our neighborhood, or for my 4-H club members.  This is a great way to get to socialize with your friends and family and spend some quality time outdoors with the kids before the cold weather sets in.

Our neighbor always creates a haunted house with help from the neighborhood.  This year, we donated some materials to make the display for the front of the house to help keep his costs down.  It is expensive to create a haunted house!  In years past, he’d asked for a donation for admittance to the haunted house to help defray the cost of creating the display and extra proceeds went to a local charity.  This is a great way to have fun and to give back to the community.

 Plan the Goodie Bags for School

 Three of my children attend public school, but I do homeschool one of my children.  Nevertheless,  I will be planning for four school parties.  I’ve looked at my schedule and decided that I can probably bake some cupcakes (or purchase them at the store).  I have also started buying small items such as pencils and erasers at the Dollar Store for treats for the school parties.

 Plan the Costumes

 Three of my children have ideas for their costumes. The other two have no idea.  This weekend, I’ll purchase one costume and I’ll continue to help the other children brainstorm for ideas. I usually chaperone the children around the neighborhood wearing black pants, holiday socks and a festive shirt.  I’m still checking out my options!

 Plan for Candy Consumption

 Our church organizes a “Trunk Or Treat” festival for the local community.  The church asks each family to donate several bags of candy which different families hand out at the event.  This means that I’ll need at least two bags of candy for that event.  Usually, we have over 100 children who visit our house on Halloween.  Because of that, I have already started buying candy!  This week, we’ll purchase two bags of candy to hand out at our house.

 Plan the Decorations

 This year, we are just going to do a simple display of scarecrows and pumpkins.  I’m planning the scene and next week we’ll actually go up into the crawl space to go searching for the decorations.

 Plan Pumpkin Carving

 Do you want to carve a pumpkin this year?  Will you buy one for each of your children or just have a family pumpkin? 

 We usually carve a family pumpkin simply because we have 5 children and I don’t really care for pumpkin carving.  I do buy small pumpkins and the children usually paint them to decorate them.  The kids are pitching ideas for the family pumpkin and trying to come to a consensus on what features they wish for the pumpkin to have this year. 

 Look for Sales and Stock Up

 Check your local stores for sales on decorations and other Halloween items.  At our local fabric store, they usually begin to run great sales the first week of October.  Last year, they had wonderful bulk craft supplies on sale!  I bought up several of the bulk kits and sent them into school with the children for a fun Halloween activity.  If you decide to do this, it’s best to check first with your child’s teacher to see if she is open to this sort of activity!

There you have the overview of  Week 2.  There’s a lot to do to make this holiday the best it can be!  Get going!


Week Two? I don’t get it 🙂

Michelle says:

You are right–it’s slightly confusing. Let me clarify and apologize.

Last Monday, we started with week 1(part 1) preparing for the holidays. I put both Halloween and Christmas in that post.

This week, I decided to split the 2 topics into 2 different posts–so we’ll have week 2 Halloween post and week 2 Christmas post.

We are on week 2 or part 2 of the holiday prep.

Sorry for any confusion!

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