Holiday Prep Plans for Halloween–Week 3

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We are already three weeks into planning for a “spooktacular” Halloween!  Ok, it’s a bad pun.  I just couldn’t resist!

Last week, I mentioned different aspects of planning which you may want to consider when planning for your holiday celebration.  This week, I’m going to go through the categories again and give you some tips for staying on track as we count down the days to Halloween.

Community Fun

Last week, I mentioned that our neighbors create a haunted house ever year for the neighborhood to enjoy.  This weekend, then men cut and nailed together the plywood pieces for the spooky entrance to the house.  We spent the weekend with the neighborhood children setting up the graveyard in the front lawn and making sure the spider webs were “just right”! 

I also found a perfect spot for our church celebration! After checking the internet, the paper, and the phone book (as well as getting opinions from folks who had done such events in the past), I narrowed down the sites, and then decided upon one.  This particular farm has hayrides and corn mazes.  We should be able to have a campfire on site and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  It sounds perfect!  This week, I’ll begin to firm up some of the details with the farm owner.

Goodie Bags

This year, I’ve decided to keep it simple.  Instead of planning individual candy bags for the 100 youngsters that usually come to our door, I will just put candy in huge bowls and let each child pick out a few pieces.

I did get Halloween bags for my children’s school parties at the Dollar Store though. Now is the best time to shop at the Dollar Store because the selection is still very good.

Candy Consumption

I continue to pick up several bags of candy per week to meet our candy quota!  Remember that you will need candy for school, church, and neighborhood events!  I also purchase several more bags than I believe I will need because my children enjoy snacking on the candy prior to the holiday!


We spent this weekend helping our neighbors decorate, so we didn’t have time to work on our personal display yet.

We began to get our decorations out of the garage attic this weekend, but I still need to go through everything and decide on which decorations we will use.  Usually, we decorate with colored leaves, corn stalks, scarecrows, and pumpkins.  I find that if I decorate with a harvest theme instead of a Halloween theme, I can use my decorations for both Halloween and Thanksgiving with just minor adjustments!  This saves me time and effort which can be spent elsewhere.

Plan Costumes

Store bought costumes for 5 children can be expensive, so I usually find ways to cleverly improvise and create costumes.  I’ve also been known to tweak costumes in order to create a new look from the same costume.

My older daughter was a Southern Belle on year.  Last year, I handed the costume down to my other child.  I gave her a cane decorated with ribbon and she carried a stuffed sheep in her arms.  The Southern Belle became Little Bo Peep!

We are going through our costumes of past years and deciding what (if anything) can be re-used for this year.

Pumpkin Carving

We’ve decide to do a family pumpkin again this year.  The children are creating different designs and we’ll select one of them randomly this week. This weekend, we’ll go to our favorite road side stand to pick out the perfect pumpkin while the selection is still good.

How are your Halloween holiday plans shaping up? Remember– Halloween is only a few weeks away!


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