Holiday Prep Plans for Christmas–Week 3

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This is my third week of preparing for Christmas.  Right now, I’m just getting organized, but once Halloween is over, the pace will pick up considerably.

Last week, I printed out all of my lists and prepared my Christmas folder.  I also updated my snail mail and email Christmas card lists.  I added some people to the list and deleted some from the list.  I also changed the addresses of those people who have moved both virtually or in the real world.

Start Budgeting

Because we have a large family and a limited budget, I have put a price tag limit on our gift expenditures. I also decided exactly who I intend to purchase gifts for and I’ve decided on purchasing several “just in case” gifts like potpourri, Christmas ornaments, candles and decorative soap.  The idea of a “just in case” gift is that just in case you need a last minute gift for a teacher or party hostess,  you will have one! I shop for “just in case” gifts at Oriental Trading Company.  They have a great selection during the holiday season of small gifts, gift bags, and other holiday supplies at very reasonable prices.

Lost and Found

Have you ever been cleaning underneath the bed and you discovera lost gift you’d purchased years ago?  So that’s where you put it!

How can you forget where you hid Christmas gifts? We have a modest house with limited storage space.  Since we live near the beach, we have no basement.  We also have no attic!  This makes it slightly difficult to hide gifts in one place.  If I begin to shop too early, my bedroom looks incredibly cluttered because of all of the Christmas gifts and supplies I have stashed everywhere!

This year, I think that I am going to ask for a corner of my husband’s work garage and store the items in a plastic storage container.  That way, I won’t have to dust around the clutter (or look at it!) for several months.  I’ll also save myself money because I won’t lose gifts or other things which I’ve put in a safe place only to forget where the safe place actually is located!

 My friend has a larger house and she actually has a Christmas closet!  It’s an extra closet that is only used to stash Christmas gifts and supplies throughout the year.  Of course, she keeps it locked at all times and the key is hidden in a super secret place so that the gifts she buys are kept a secret until Christmas day.

Create The Family Wish List

This weekend, I asked the children to create a wish list for me.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the lists because all of the wishes were affordable and easy to purchase.  Perhaps this year my Christmas preparations will be easier.  Perhaps.

Stay tuned for Week 4!


[…] Last week in my blog post, I talked about making lists and getting ready for the holiday.  This week, I’m still making my gift list.  I find that it takes time to make a list for gifts-and a few trips to some stores to see what is available.  What do you get for the person who has everything, or can actually buy themselves everything they want? It’s tough. […]

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