Holiday Prep Plans For Christmas–Week 4

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Christmas is about 2 months away!  I could count the days, but I’d freak myself out, so I’m purposely being vague. I’ve got too much to do and too little energy to be freaking out.

Last week in my blog post, I talked about making lists and getting ready for the holiday.  This week, I’m still making my gift list.  I find that it takes time to make a list for gifts-and a few trips to some stores to see what is available.  What do you get for the person who has everything, or can actually buy themselves everything they want? It’s tough.

Finding the Perfect Gift For A Difficult Someone

There are several people on my list who always create a little stress during holiday season.  Several of my family members actually have an abundance of things and can realistically afford to buy themselves anything they could need or want.  Buying a gift for them is a thoughtful (and necessary in some cases) gesture, but I am always stuck wondering exactly what to get.  I discussed my dilemma with a friend of mine who is in a similar situation and she gave me some great ideas.

If the difficult someone on your list has altruistic tendencies, you may consider making donations in their name to different organizations which help the under-privileged.  There are many great organizations out there.  I’m listing some so you can get the basic idea.

If the difficult person on your list enjoys traveling or collecting craft items, you may want to consider purchasing a handmade craft item for them from the last organization on my list.  Read on and consider the possibilities!


Kiva helps connect people with a disadvantaged entrepreneur in the developing world.  The website,, allows you to choose an entrepreneur to help. You can send as little as $25.  When the loan is repaid, you can lend that money to another person.

Oxfam International

Their website can be viewed at Your donation will be used to help feed hungry people, educate the illiterate, and provide life saving supplies to those in need.  There is a section just on honoring someone by donating to the organization. You can ask questions by emailing them at

The Seeds of Survival

This is a Canadian group that helps thousands of families in the developing world work their way out of poverty by giving them seeds so they can grow their own food to use for their families or to sell for income.  You can read more at

Modest Needs

This is an organization based in New York City and helps Americans who are having trouble paying their bills or who can not find the funds to deal with an unexpected crisis.  Recently, we made a donation to help pay for car repairs for a family in Louisiana. This family needed the car repaird so that they could be prepared in case of an evacuation during hurricane season.  You can find out more by checking out their website at

Ten Thousand Villages

This group sells hand crafted goods made by artisans in third world countries at fair market value.    You can check out this site at  I have several items I purchased from this group at one of their retail stores in rural Pennsylvania.  Items are constantly changing and new products are being added, so if you see something you like, it’s best to purchase it at that time.

One of the best things about Christmas is giving and sharing with others.  Check out the above links and consider honoring someone on your Christmas list by donating to an organization or purchasing a hand crafted good for that hard to buy for person on your list.  Not only will your gift recipient be thrilled, but you’ll also be helping people in need to improve the quality of their lives.


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