Holiday Prep Plans for Halloween–Week 5

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It’s the week before Halloween!  Hopefully, you are mostly ready for the holiday.  I say mostly ready because it seems that no matter how diligently you prepare, there is always something overlooked.

This week, you will hopefully just be wrapping up loose ends, buying more candy, or dealing with party invitations or requests from school teachers to help with the class parties.  In our house, we are doing all of the above.

Community Fun

The hayride I am planning for Friday is slowly coming together, but I will be glad when it’s over! Not only am I finalizing details with the folks who own the hayride, but I am working out details with our group so that we have enough food for the campfire picnic.


I’m actually buying MORE candy later this week for another party that the children have been asked to attend.  One can never have too much candy around Halloween I suppose. My children also have asked to participate in the candy buy back program this year.

The candy buy back program is put on by our dentist.  He buys candy for $1 per pound from the neighborhood kids and donates the candy to the local food bank. The children of course, love to gather all the candy they aren’t really fond of and take it to his office.

Aren’t children clever? They’ve figured out that the more candy they get, they can actually have some to eat and they can make money off the other candy that they don’t want to eat.  To accomplish this goal, they have asked to attend several “trunk or treat” events throughout the weekend at different churches.  I feel obligated to contribute a few bags of candy to the events because they are handing out candy to five of my children!  It’s only fair.

I never heard of “trunk or treat” before I came to live in this area.  Basically, people who belong to different civic organizations or churches decorate their cars and congregate in a parking lot where they hand out candy from their trunks.  It is a safe alternative to trick or treating, and it’s also fun to see how different participants have decorated their cars for the event!  Last year we went to a local church to participate in their “trunk or treat” festival.  Some of these people had really gone all out to create their displays.


I have one more costume to pull together!  Otherwise, we are done creating costumes.  I am so glad!

If you haven’t finished creating your costume yet, be aware that many places have sales on their Halloween items.  The costumes may be picked over, but if you look, you can find something that will work. You may also want to pick up a costume for next year if you can!


Although we are done decorating for this year, I’ve begun to shop for next year.  Halloween and Harvest decorations are now 75% off in our area!  If you have your heart set on adding to your collection of decorations, you may be in luck.  Keep in mind that if you see something you like, it’s best to buy it now rather than to wait to see if you can get it for cheaper than the current sales price. 


My daughter’s teacher gifted her students with pumpkins last week, and so we decided to decorate the pumpkin using what I call “the pumpkin potato head kit”.  The “pumpkin potato head kit” is available at different stores and the pieces actually look the pieces from a Mr. Potato Head toy.  Different kits are available to create different things like pumpkin puppies, pumpkin monsters, and pumpkin people.  The kits are easy to use because all you have to do is push the pieces into the pumpkin!

Goodie Bags

This week I have to turn in all of the items I’ve gathered to my children’s teachers so they can create goodie bags.  Usually, teachers will send out notices after this asking for parents to contribute baked goods for the class Halloween party.  Because of this, I’ll stock up on cake mixes and other supplies this week during my grocery trip.  Today, I’ve done some research to decide what kind of creepy cupcakes I’ll be baking for my children’s classes this year.

I can’t believe that next week is Halloween already!  The time between the start of school and now has really gone quickly for our family, but I believe we are almost ready to celebrate.  Are you ready?


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