Holiday Prep Plans for Christmas–Week 6

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If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ve seen that I’ve started a Frugal Friday segment to share some frugal ideas I’ve used. You’ve also noticed that I’ve started a series where each week we break down the preparation for the holiday season into smaller, more manageable tasks.  This week, I’m going to write a “two for”!  Yes, this will be a frugal Christmas blog entry.  

Black Friday is a sort of shopping holiday here in the United States.  I say that because perhaps you are reading this and you don’t live in the United States.  Black Friday happens the day after Thanksgiving (which happens to be a Friday) and is called such because many retailers offer deep discounts on products and they make a hefty profit on that day.  Their budgets are “in the black” or on the positive side of the ledger.

I know of many people who get up in the early morning hours to stand in lines waiting for stores to open.  I’ve done this every so often, but usually, I find that the amount of savings offered isn’t worth the hassle of dealing with the crowds to justify the effort.  I say USUALLY. 

Most years, Black Friday specials are this top secret thing and you will only know what the specials for each store will be just immediately before the sales date.  The economic distress this year has forced retailers to re-think this game plan.  This year, it’s possible to go online right now and find out the deals for different retailers.  I think this is a great idea, because it allows me to budget and plan ahead. 

Even if you don’t live in the US, or even if you do but don’t like shopping on Black Friday, you can still take advantage of the deep discounts online.  Many toy companies also offer discounts online on Black Friday.  Personally, I’d rather scout for these deals online than stand in lines dealing with crabby shoppers, but that’s just me.

 Perhaps you’ve heard of a new shopping phemonema called “Cyber Monday”?  Supposedly many shoppers begin shopping online on Monday, and marketers are promoting this as a way to encourage people to shop online on that day.  I say that you should shop where you can get the best deals when you can get them and forget about the clever names that marketers create to lure in more shoppers!

Whether you choose to begin shopping on Thursday after you finish Thansgiving, Friday, or Monday, you can begin your planning now.  Check out the websites of your favorite stores to see if they have their deals posted online.  Create your “to buy” list from the deals you find.  Then decide if you will be braving the crowds on Black Friday or shopping online. Either way, taking advantage of holiday shopping deals can be a great way to stretch your holiday budget.

Here’s to a frugal and happy holiday season!


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