Holiday Prep Plans for Christmas–Week 7

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This Friday, I’m going to do another “two for” post just like I did last week.  With the worldwide economic downturn, many families will be shopping frugally when they are preparing for the holidays. For that reason, I’m combining Frugal Friday’s post with the series that I’ve begun on Christmas.

There are a number of stocking stuffers you can purchase for your children that are actually under $5!  Read on to see my favorite 5 stocking stuffers.

Hair Accessories

You can purchase different hair accessories for less than $5.  If your daughters are like mine, they are constantly losing hair ribbons, barrettes and other items.  This is the perfect time to buy them a whole bunch of accessories.

Tiny Toys

For my son, I can purchase small toy cars for less than $5 each.  There are other toys that can be purchased for boys.  I’m thinking of toy soldiers specifically.  My son loves these.

Some other items that fit into this category include Silly Putty, Play Doh, clay, and crayons.  Who doesn’t love to get a new box of crayons?  In addition, it’s amazing to see the different varieties of crayons and craft items that are available.  You can get glittery crayons, crayons in primary colors, crayons in pastel colors, or bold colored crayons.  The options are unlimited!


Walmart has old movies and cartoons on DVD for $1!  I’ve found some real gems when looking through the $1 rack.  Last year, I found an old Laurel and Hardy movie that my sister’s and I loved to watch when we were little.  I bought both of my sisters copies.

Personal Care Products

I’ve found lotion, nail polish, hair products and perfume on clearance for less than $5.  Many stores also have an aisle where they have trial size products to purchase.  Children love to try out these things! 

I have a friend who purchases each of her children a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste each year for Christmas.  I think this is a wonderful idea! Not only is it a great idea, but it’s helpful.


SOCKS you ask?  Yes, socks. My kids love fuzzy or funky socks!

I’ve seen nice fuzzy socks and slippers for under $5.  If you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter time, your children may appreciate such a gift.  I usually buy my children silly socks for stocking stuffers because they love socks, but our weather here is pretty warm for most of the year.  One year I bought them socks with penguins sewn on them!  Another year I bought them multi-colored toe socks for $2 a pair.  They really loved those socks!

There’s no need to make a special trip either to purchase these gift items.  While you are out doing other shopping, just be sure to check around and purchase any items that you might see.  Usually, I begin now and purchase a few times each week until right before Christmas.  My goal is to be done with my shopping before the “Christmas rush” begins!  If that is your goal too, begin to shop now!


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