Five Favorite Infant Products You Can’t Live Without

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If you’ve strolled through a baby store lately, you have noticed the incredible amount of products that are available for purchase.  It can be overwhelming to first time parents!  Exactly what do you need, what can you do without, and what do you absolutely need to have? In this post,  I’ll share five of my favorite baby items with blog readers.

Crib Sheet Protectors

One of my LEAST favorite jobs was changing crib sheets because it’s a real chore.  I absolutely loved the crib sheet protectors because it saved me time and work!  Basically, the sheet protector goes over the crib sheet.  Your lay your infants head on the protector. When your baby spits up, you only have to change the protector, not the entire sheet.

Baby Swaddling Pouches

Swaddling really does work to calm down and infant, and has been used for thousands of years.  Even the bible mentions the use of swaddling clothes.  I’ve never been able to get the hang of swaddling though, so I “cheat” and use a swaddling pouch.  These are convenient and they really help to calm a crying infant.

Baby Sling

I could not have lived without this product.  My son spent most of his early days in the sling because I had 4 other children to keep up with.  When I used the sling, he was close to me and he found that comforting, but my hands were free to do the dishes, pick up groceries, fold wash or do whatever else needed to be done.  The sling also made is possible to nurse discreetly!

Baby Swing

A baby swing is worth it’s weight in gold.  When my girls were young, we had the wind up kind of swings which was great.  When my son arrived, I discovered that there no longer made wind up swings.  The current models run on batteries!  This is great if you don’t use the swing much, but if I had to use such a model when my older kids were young…..I would have spent a lot of money on batteries!  For that reason, I suggest that you spend a little more money on the model that runs on either batteries or electricity.

Diaper Genie

I love this product!  Basically, you put dirty diapers in the container and you twist the top.  It creates a seal so diaper odors don’t escape the container!  I have experimented with all sorts of diaper containers and I’ve always had problems with odor until I started using this product. 

Now you know my five favorite baby products.  I wonder-what are some of your favorite products?  Please feel free to post to share your list with other parents.


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