How to Show Your Support for The Troops This Holiday Season

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Yesterday, we celebrated Veteran’s Day.  Since we live in an area where most of the population is military or former military, Veteran’s Day is a big event.  This Veteran’s Day, many of my husband’s friends are serving in the military.  Many of them are in or will be going to Iraq.

As the kids had off from school to celebrate the holiday, we talked about how grateful we should be to the men and women who have served with the military.  We also talked about ways we could show our appreciation, especially during this holiday season.  We decided to make cards for family friends who are serving their country to show our appreciation.

Perhaps your family doesn’t know of anyone who is serving in the military, but you’d like to send an encouraging note or a care package.  Many people think about doing things like this, especially at this time of year.

In years past, it was possible to address a note to “any soldier” and the letter would be delivered to a serviceman or servicewoman.  Recent security changes due to safety concerns have changed this though and the post office will no longer deliver such mail.  There are ways to still show your support however.

Walter Reed is an Army hospital in Washington DC which serves injured military servicemen and women.  Although the post office will no longer deliver mail addressed to “an injured soldier” as they had in the past, it is now possible to send mail to soldiers through the Red Cross.  The address is as follows:

We Support You During Recovery

c/o American Red Cross
PO Box 419
Savage, MD  20763-0419

UPDATE: (See Comments)
Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO BOX 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Instead of sending personal greetings, you can also make a donation to one of the 300 non-profit groups listed at

At, you can sponsor a care package for $25.  The organization will ship the package for you to a needy soldier.  I think this is a great idea! You can also donate phone cards, making it possible for service men and women to call home to their loved ones during the holiday season.

This season, as you and your family celebrate, let’s remember to be thankful for all of those who serve their country. Please consider taking the time to send an encouraging note, phone card, or care package to our soldiers and sailors!


Laura says:

Hi there!
Thanks for the shout out on the Red Cross cards for troops program. Wanted to let you know that the address you have posted is the one we used last year. We have a new address and it is:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO BOX 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456
You can get all of the details at
Thanks and we appreciate your support!

Michelle says:

You are most welcome Laura! Thanks for the address update.

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