Holiday Prep Plans for Christmas–Week 8

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How are your Christmas preparations going? Good I hope!  This week, I’ll share my “to-do” list for the upcoming holiday with you.

Check Out the Early Sales

Some stores in our area are having Black Friday sales starting tomorrow.  Sears, for example, has discounted clothes up to 50% and they sent a coupon in the mail for an addition 15% off selected items!  Kmart also had an early sales flyer.

As my oldest is 15 and wants clothes for Christmas, I’m going to check out that sale to see if I can get some deals.

Shop for Stocking Stuffers

I have a few items I need to pick up for stocking stuffers this week.  In order to minimize the impact on our budget, I try to shop throughout the holiday season rather than make a lot of purchases in the month of December.

Finish Up the Christmas Exchange

My sisters and I agreed years ago to do a Christmas gift exchange for our children and ourselves.  Instead of purchasing gifts for all of the cousins and each other, my sister puts all of our names in a hat and my niece draws an equal amount of names for each family.  Everyone still gets a gift and the kids love the fact that each year, they get to choose gifts for a different cousin.

My niece called (with some help from her mom as she’s 3) and read our names.  Now I need to make some calls to find out gift ideas.

Visit Santa

We’ve decided to take our son to visit Santa on Saturday.  I know, it’s early….but he’s not even 2 so he won’t know it’s early.  I noticed the other day while visiting the mall that the Santa lines are pretty short and I decided we should take advantage of that!

Take another Christmas Photo

We had taken a Christmas photo, but the kids were unhappy with the way it turned out.  That means that we’ll be taking another photo this weekend.  Hopefully, everyone will approve!

Finish Up The Operation Christmas Child Project

We’ll be filling up our shoebox as collection week is next week.   For more information on this project, see this post.

Order Christmas Ornaments

Every year, I purchase ornaments in bulk from Oriental Trading Catalog.  They may great gifts for Sunday School teachers, school teachers and aides, bus drivers, crossing guards, and the numerous other special people that impact your life throughout the year.

Fill Up the Pantry

We are stocking up for supplies for Thanksgiving dinner and also for Christmas.  This week for example, a local store has deals on butter, sugar, and flour.  We’ll use all of those things when we make Christmas cookies. Also on sale is stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes.

It looks like a busy week at our house as we gear up for the holiday season.  I feel compelled to mention that, as I write, there are 41 days, 993 hours and 59, 564 minutes until Christmas arrives!


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