Top Ten Educational Math Websites

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Most parents would agree that having their children get a good education is important to them.  The fact is that the quality of education that one receives can affect one’s future educational opportunities, job prospects, and income levels.  Statistics show that men and women who go on to get their bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees can expect to earn more money than men and women who graduate from high school or obtain a GED.


So how does a concerned parent encourage their child to excel in school?  The answer is that you need to make learning fun.  There are many fun, yet educational websites that help with just this very thing.  These educational websites make learning fun, and make children want to spend time learning. The best part is that your child will perhaps never even realize that while they are having fun, they are also learning.


It’s sneaky, but it works!


Many students, especially girls I’ve found, suffer from math phobia.  That is, they just don’t like math and really aren’t motivated to try to excel in math subjects.  If you have a child that is math phobic, read on! In today’s post, I’m going to share my top 10 favorite fun math websites.  Please note that before you allow your child to log onto any website, you should first log on yourself to determine that the website is appropriate for your particular child. 


My children love this fun and colorful website.  Coolmath4kids is geared towards younger kids, but a sister site has activities “for kids 13-103”.  That’s a wide age span!  The activities on this website are interactive and addictive.  This site proves that math can be fun and it can be easy to learn.


This is actually my favorite website just because of the parent resource section.  You can access this section by clicking on the educator tab and then finding the particular state in which you live.  There are resources for educational field trips and other important links including a link to your state department of education.


The student section is very colorful and creatively designed.  You can access math ebooks in this section for students in grades K-6.  The ebooks contain a variety of interactive activities and are fun!


The parent section has links for homework help tips and also a section for homeschoolers!


According to their website, the folks at dositey aim to provide high quality free online content for families and schools.  The goals of the website creators are to help children master skills and gain confidence while achieving academic goals.


There are free interactive activities and there are also products that you can buy to help your child practice skills if they are having trouble in certain academic areas.


This is my absolute overall favorite website because it has interesting articles, lesson plans and activities for educators, parents and students.  This website is so chock full of incredible educational resources that it’s overwhelming.


In the student activities section, you’ll find a link for online activities and interactive learning. You can then choose a grade level, and finally a subject.  There are numerous activities in each subject for you to choose from—some cover 2 subjects.  For example, the Math Hunt National Parks Game deals with Social Studies and Math!


This is a great website for teens needing practice with math skills.  The game is called Absurd Math and is described as “math from another dimension”.    Players go on missions in an absurd world where the ultimate power consists of math skills.  Pages have hidden clues and areas.  If a player needs help, they can email the staff for assistance and get a response!


In the first level of the game, players help to free Nomean City and it’s creator, which have been captured by a cult of pollution makers.


I’d recommend this site to older teens, especially teens who like science fiction!


This is also a wonderful site for teens. 


The premise of the game is that your student has landed on an imaginary planet called Knab.  In order to escape from Knab, you’ll need to earn $100,000 for the spaceship flight.  To earn the money, you’ll need to find a job, fill out a tax form, etc.  Then, you’ll need to create a budget.  You’ll also need to find a place to live (one which you can afford) and still have money to pay the oxygen salesman!


This is a great way to teach your teen about budgeting, taxes, banking concepts, and other real life concepts in a fun way.


This is a cute website geared towards elementary aged children.  The photos of the “math cats” are adorable.


This is a creative website which has activities for students up to 8th grade.  However, I think that the website would be most effectively used by younger children.


I love this website too!  There are free activities which you can do on this website, but to access the entire website, you’ll need to subscribe.  My daughter’s school actually subscribes to this site and the children can access the activities at home to help improve their skills.  I really do believe that it’s worthwhile subscribing to have access to all the areas!


Brain pop is for children in 3rd grade and up.  The sister site, Brainpop Jr. , is for students under 3rd grade. 


According to the website, the content is aligned to state objectives of learning for states in the United States.  The concept and content was the brain child of a pediatrician who wanted to help his young patients in their studies.


There is a free trial offer available so you can try out all of the resources that the site has to offer before making a decision to purchase a subscription.  I’d recommend taking advantage of this!


This website is a formal tutorial designed to help children who have math anxiety or who are struggling to succeed in math.  Your child moves through the curriculum at their own pace and is introduced to different mathematical concepts both online and offline through worksheets.  If you are looking for a tutorial to help your child improve their math skills, this is definitely the website for you.



I hope that my list helps you!  Do you have a favorite math website?  Please share if you do!


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hi, you might like to add this website to your list of math sites.

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Staniel says:

Thanks for the top 10. I like a lot. Their educational materials are second to none. I fell in love with Highlights magazine when I was growing up.

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