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There’s nothing better than free products and samples to help stretch your budget.  There are many sites on the internet that claim to have “free products” and “free samples” that you can get, BUT, many of them require you to fill out long surveys or purchase products to get the free things. 

I searched and found sites that actually do have free things that you can request-without the spam, cost, or the long surveys.  Read on for more information!

I really like this site!

This site features a bunch of offers collected from different sites across the web.  The offers are legitimate and don’t require you to purchase anything or fill out long surveys or forms to get the products either.  The part that I like best is that all offers are rated by consumer feedback. It’s easy to go and fill out the offers that have been rated as the best deals by other freebie finders.

This is a wonderful blog full of information about free samples.  Free samples are great, but I love the fact that the team that runs this blog actually writes about the products!  The posts are priceless gems themselves.

I’m definitely putting this on my favorites list and I’ll be checking back often for updates.

This site has quite a few freebies.  On the side of the site, the freebies have been categorized to make it even quicker to find what you are looking for.

There are freebies for pets, babies, and kids!  I actually scored a free Fisher-Price DVD for my toddler using the information on this website!  I’d definitely recommend checking out the wonderful promotions offered here.

This is another great site.  The best thing about this site is that you can sign up for their daily newsletter and have it automatically sent to your email address.  From this site, I got free samples of cleaning products and personal care items.  Again, the forms are simple to fill out and don’t require you to purchase anything either.

I like this site because there is so much listed.  However, you do have to be careful when choosing your “free” items here.  Some offers may ask you to purchase a trial or apply for a credit card.  You may also have to fill out a survey or reveal other information to get your free sample.  However, this isn’t true for everything which is why I’m listing it.  Just be careful when applying for offers!

Whew!  Applying for free stuff is a lot of “work”!   Stop by after you’re done applying for freebies!  This site is great because it contains numerous money and time saving tips.  The site owner is also having a contest and she’s giving away a basket of bath goodies for frugal moms.  After you’re done checking out the tips, be sure to sign up for a chance to win the contest.

I hope you find lots of great freebies when you check out these sites!


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