The Top 3 Toy Safety Concerns for Parents

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Safety is an important issue to consider when purchasing toys.  Every so often toys are recalled due to safety issues.  Recently, many toys were recalled due to high lead levels.  Many of these situations can’t be anticipated, but you can take steps to make sure that you are purchasing the safest toys you can purchase for your children.

Some of the things that concern me are:

Toys with Batteries

It’s a challenge to find toys today that don’t take batteries!  I know first hand that batteries can leak, or overheat.  I’ve never seen a battery explode, but the group points out that they can.  I know that my son has already pried open the battery cases on his toys.  It’s startling to catch your child playing with the batteries that are supposed to power the toy instead of playing with the toy itself.  If you do buy toys that run on batteries, make sure that the battery cases are tightly closed!

Removable Elements

Many toys have small pieces or objects that can be removed.  If you have older children, this is not such a concern.  If you have older children who want toys like this, and then you have young children, it’s a challenge.  My girls are into the small toys with the small removable clothing.  They play with these toys in their rooms only and the doors are shut so that my son doesn’t get into them.  Everyone is happy and safe that way!

Toys with Magnets

You may be surprised to find out that many toys have magnets inside of them. My daughter has a doll with magnets imbedded in her body.  Her clothes also have magnets in them, which makes it easy to dress her. My friend has children who have building blocks with magnets inside of them.  The toys stick together great, but the magnets are a serious health concern.  Children have been known to swallow the magnets which can cause intestinal issues and other health problems.

WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm), have a list of toy hazards that parents should consider before purchasing a product.  Check out the website before you head to the toy store this Christmas.  Make sure your children have a safe and happy holiday season.


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