4 Fun Snow Day Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

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Do you remember how you loved snow days when you were a kid? There was “nothing” to do but stay at home all day long.  When I became a parent, I found that I no longer loved snow days.  Snow days meant that the kids were cooped up all day in the house!  They also meant making alternative work arrangements so that I could spend the day in the house cooped up with the kids.  

Preparedness is half the battle when dealing with snow days.  Just like you prepare for winter weather by stocking up on pantry items, you should also prepare for snow day activities by stocking up on supplies.  I’ve found a few things that worked well with our large family during snow days.  I hope they work for your family!

PJ Day

On the snowiest of snow days, I’d allow the kids to have PJ Day.  These were the days when it was too cold to go out and play in the snow and so the kids were especially sad about that.  I’d allow them to spend the day in their PJ’s.  They could bring sleeping bags into the living room, and we’d make popcorn and watch family friendly movies on the TV.  Some days, they’d make tents out of their sheets in the living room too and have a camp out!

Craft Day

I had a large container filled with craft supplies that we only took out on snow days.  The container was filled with glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners, magnets, yarn, and other assorted craft items.  I also kept a special pair of crayons and markers for the kids in the supply container too.  The kids would make all sorts of creative things out of the materials that were in the container.  Sometimes, we made sock puppets and they’d create a play to go along with the sock puppets. 

Baking Day

I loved baking during snow storms because we got to eat well and the heat from the stove warmed up the house.  During storms, we’d bake things that took a little bit more time to make like homemade bread and doughnuts.  Sometimes, we made cut out cookies from scratch.  I would let the kids decorate the cookies themselves.  This kept them entertained for quite a while!

Game Day

If you are like most people I know, you have a stash of board games sitting in a closet somewhere.  It’s a lot of fun to pull out all of those games and have a marathon game day when you are housebound due to snow.  Why not play Monopoly all day? If you still have power (I remember days when the power would go out during storms), the children can play games online or IM their friends.

The key to keeping everyone happy on snow days is to keep them amused and busy.  Hopefully, some of the above activities will help you to do just that.


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