How To Take Great Christmas Card Photos

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Dear “And You Will Have Kids”,

I know that you have a large family like we do.  Every year, we try to take a Christmas photo to send out with our cards.  This year it’s difficult as we are having to cut costs and I will have to take the photo myself.  Do you have any Christmas photo tips to share?

Photo Challenged

Every year, we take a Christmas photo of our family.  We usually take the photo  simply because it’s more efficient and cost effective.  For example, we can work around my son’s nap schedule and don’t have to fight the holiday crowds to get the photo taken.

I think the key to taking a great photo of a large group is all in your attitude.  Make it fun, and lower your expectations.  Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about sharing your family with your friends and relatives.

We usually dress the children up in jeans and red or green tops which cuts down on clothing costs.   I know of families that buy matching outfits for the children for photos.  It’s definitely cute, but you don’t have to do that to get a great photo.

We usually take the photo at some sort of local landmark.  This helps to draw attention away from the less than perfect photo I usually take.  It also helps lighten the mood a little bit.  Instead of just taking a photo, we are also going on an outing.  This really helps! Of course, you may just want to take a photo of the children sitting on the front porch or on the living room sofa.  That’s fine too.

One year, we took a photo in a cotton field and entitled it “Southern Snow”.  My family had never seen cotton plants and were really interested in that photo! People barely noticed that my daughter had a cast on her arm, which was great because she was very self conscious of that fact. The next year, I was in the midst of a difficult pregnancy.  We took the Christmas photo in front of the picket fence that surrounds our yard because I couldn’t travel very far due to the pregnancy complications. This year, we took the kids and the dog to the beach and let them play in the sand dunes.  We got our holiday photos and the kids had a great time. 

When taking your photos, you want to make sure that everyone is relatively in a good mood.  If you have young children, avoid taking photos shortly before nap time. Make sure that the kids have had enough to eat as hungry children can be crabby. 

I hope that these tips are helpful to you and that your photo session goes smoothly!


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