How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During the Holiday Season

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Four of my five children were born on holidays.  It is a difficult thing to pull off a holiday celebration and a birthday party! Not only is it stressful for the party planner, but it’s hard to find people who are able to attend the party because many of them have other plans.

My heart just breaks for my daughter who was born on New Year’s Day because by New Year’s Day, most people are “done” with the holidays.  Most people have also been out late the night before and really don’t want to attend another party on New Year’s Day.  Perhaps you have a child born on or near a holiday and are wondering how to make their birthday “special” in the midst of all the rush that holidays seem to bring. 

Celebrate a Half Birthday

My friend was born on Christmas Day. When she was almost 10, she wondered aloud why everyone got presents on her birthday.  Why didn’t she get presents on other people’s birthdays?  Her wise mother began celebrating her “half birthday” in July.  That way, she had a day all to herself.

Bring the Party to the Celebration

My second child is born on July 4th, which is a holiday here in the United States called Independence Day.  For many years, she thought that the fireworks which are set off on that day were for her!  Usually, most people celebrate July 4th by having picnics with family and friends. It’s common to attend concerts and of course, watch the firework displays that are set off by many communities.  July 4th is a great day to have a birthday in my opinion. However, to make her day special, we bring the party with us to gatherings.

Last year, our neighbors invited us to a picnic on the beach.  They thought it was a great idea to bring birthday cake to the picnic, and so we did.  Before the firework display began, everyone gathered around my daughter and sang Happy Birthday to her.  Some folks had even brought gifts for her. 

After opening gifts, the kids went to swim in the ocean and a school of dolphins showed up!  It was incredible to watch them as they swam in the ocean alongside of the kids. We ate our cake on the beach while watching the fireworks which were set off from a barge in the ocean.  I’ll never forget the experience because as the fireworks were going off, my daughter turned and said to me, “I told you I wanted an ice cream cake this year.”  You really CAN’T please all the people all of the time.

Holiday Plus Birthday Equals Twice the Fun

My third child was born on Easter.  Since the holiday changes every year, we try to have her party the week before Easter.  Some years, we’ve held holiday themed scavenger hunts and other years we’ve held egg hunts in our yard.  Our Easter Party event is now a yearly tradition in our neighborhood.  The neighbors all contribute eggs and the men hide the eggs while the women keep the kids busy with cake and ice cream.  My daughter is thrilled because she is the only kid she knows that has such a big event in honor of her birthday!

Does your child have a birthday around a holiday?  What ideas do you have to make the birthday special for you child?


That’s pretty amazing that you have 4 out of 5 holiday babies! My birthday is 7/11 .. I drink a lot of coffee and used to drink lots from 7/Eleven .. but, it was always sad growing up and going to friend’s birthday parties during the year. When it came time for my birthday, everybody was on summer holidays (and usually so were we). I think people got sick of inviting me because I never reciprocated.

Michelle says:

Oh…7/11! We always go on 7/11 to get free slurpies.

Seriously though, your day is 1 day before mine. I agree–all of my friends were on holiday too on my day.

My 4th child not only arrived on New Year’s Day, but she was the first baby in the county. She was born 10 minutes after midnight and was on the news that year.

Pretty neat.


Hmm.. I didn’t know they give out free slurpees on 7/11 .. have to check that out! Years ago, I used to make it a point to try to go to places that had free ice cream, free dinners, or 2-for-1 deals for birthday people 🙂

You are clever! Maybe I should do that this year for my 40th?

They have special “birthday” cups for the slurpees on 7/11. I take the kids and we sing Happy Birthday to the cashier. Sometimes she lets us get another one just for being creative!

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