Frugal Friday

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Recently, my husband and I took our family to the movies as the kids wanted to REALLY see a movie that was just released. Since we usually keep our entertainment costs to a minimum due to budget concerns, it is a special treat for them to see a movie in the theater. 

I have to say that I was astounded at how much it cost for our family of 7 to have the privilege of seeing a movie in the theater when it was first released.  In my opinion, the movie was not worth the price tag. We are going back to our frugal entertainment plan.

$1.00 Day

On Tuesdays, movies at Cinema Cafe are $1 all day long!  The catch is that the theater is also a restaurant of sorts and your children may be tempted to ask for food to go along with the movie.  You’ll have to do the math for your family, but for our large family, it’s cheaper to eat here and see a movie instead of going to a show at another theater chain.


I’ve never used this service, but friends of mine claim that it’s a very affordable way to enjoy movies with your children.  According to the website, plans start at $4.99 a month and new customers are eligible for a free trial period.


This is our current favorite way to enjoy movies.  Movies cost $1 a day to rent at the Redbox kiosk. You can find kiosks at the grocery store, at McDonald’s or at Walmart. 

My children LOVE to look through the movie options that are available and they love the fact that they instantly get the movies that they want.  By the way, new movies are added each Tuesday.  If you don’t see the movie you want this week, check back next week.

Just be sure to return your movies by 9 pm the following day, or you’ll be charged fees for another day. Speaking of rental fees, I’ve discovered that this Sunday, 12/14/08, Redbox is offering a coupon for a free movie.  To take advantage of this offer, enter 11MOMS4UA on the kiosk screen when prompted for coupon codes.

Redbox offers coupons regularly for free rentals.  You can learn more about these specials by signing up onlineat Redbox codes.

I know that given their choice, my children would much rather see a movie in the movie theater.  Every so often, I think it’s fun to treat them to an outing at the movies and just ditch the budget for a few hours.  The rest of the time, we’ll be sticking to our budget and renting movies to enjoy at home.


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