Top 10 Educational Game Websites

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Clay Bedford, an educational advocate, once said, “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”  By using games and other “fun” activities parents can reinforce and encourage children to excel in their educational studies.  Hopefully, this will create a curiosity which will continue through the rest of that child’s life.

There are an incredible amount of educational websites on the internet and in this article I will be sharing my “top 10” list. Please be sure to check out any websites before you allow your child to log onto that particular site to determine if the site is appropriate for your child.

This is my all time favorite website.  One of the reasons why it is my favorite is because it has the “sun song“.  When I was in 4th grade, my teacher taught us the sun song!  I remember we sang it at the school assembly and we all wore cardboard sun cut outs.

Besides the “sun song”, there are keyboarding games, logic games, and eye hand co-ordination games.  In addition, they have “arts and music games” too. This site is for pre-school to upper elementary aged children.

This site is for tweens and teens and would be perfect for a reluctant learner.  Although nothing on the site screams educational, it would be a very creative way to encourage a child who has an aversion to anything overtly educational.

The site has videos, and a chat room in addition to the games and other activities on the site.

This site is a favorite of my children, and is geared toward elementary aged children and younger.  My kids first learned about the site by watching public television and initially logged on because they were curious.  Now, they enjoy playing educational games which feature their favorite characters.  This site features coloring pages, videos, songs, and also has a special section for parents and teachers.

If your child likes a particular show or character on the PBS kids lineup, I’d definitely check this out.  For example, my son loves Teletubbies.  I know, but he’s only 1 ½!  This site has nursery rhyme songs and videos from the show which he loves.  Believe it or not, we’ll log onto the website if he has a rough nite and let him sing along with the songs.  It quiets him down immediately!

I love this site for the “fun blog” feature. They have educational trivia bites for boys and girls from ages 6 and above.  The trivia selections when I reviewed the site were about Dr. Seuss for the girls section and mini monkeys for the boys section.  In addition to the trivia blog, there are math and reading games. 

This site would be perfect for elementary aged children.

This site might seem to be an oddity in this list, but it’s worth mentioning.  It’s difficult to discuss natural disasters or things like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods with children in a way that’s informative, but not scary.  This site I believe is the answer to that dilemma.

This site contains games and other tools to help your child learn about serious issues in a non-threatening way.

This is a wonderful game site for pre-school aged children.  There are over 600 games to choose from!

This site has 103 educational games for all age groups.  The games are even rated by users too.  The games are about math, English, science and social studies. 

This site is geared towards children in upper elementary school or middle school.

This site features a list of the “top 100 educational games” from all over the web.  It seems to me that there are actually less than 100 listed at this time, but it’s still a great resource site. 

You can choose games based upon age or subject matter.

This is a great site aimed at middle school aged children. This site features games that “offer a fun approach to learning.”

This site has a large section of geography games which are usually difficult to find. They also have spelling and typing games too. 

This site has an incredible number of games from which to choose.  In order to make your choices a little less overwhelming, the site has a rating system where users can rate the game.

Do your children play educational learning games online? What sites are their favorites?


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