Frugal Friday

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The day after Christmas is….a great day to go shopping!

In our area of the world, most folks are all shopped out by Christmas.  Many people don’t know about or don’t care about the after Christmas sales.  Still others make it a habit to go out and start shopping for the next year’s Christmas celebration.

Shopping during the after-Christmas sales is a great way to increase the value of your gift cards.  For example, if you have a $25 gift card to a store, and that store has a 50% off sale, you’ve increased the value of that card because you $25 will go farther and purchase more items.  Typically, stores slash many holiday items 50% after Christmas.  The week after the holiday, those savings could be increased to 75%.  In January, whatever is left over from the Christmas aisle could be discounted up to 90%.  The only catch is that the longer you wait, the less of a choice you will have.  The “best” items usually go first, so if you see something that interests you, it’s best to buy it then!

Experienced after-Christmas shoppers suggest starting your shopping day early.  Some stores open as early at 7am the day after Christmas!  During the early hours, stores tend to be uncrowded, so it’s possible to get in and get out without a lot of hassles.  If you want to take advantage of sales but dislike crowds, check out the online after-Christmas deals!

Consider purchasing holiday items such as wrapping paper, cards, and decorations.  If you avoid Christmas colors or dated decorations, you may even be able to use the items at others times during the year.  For example, gold wrapping paper could be used for birthdays, weddings, and wedding showers.  Red wrapping paper could be used for Valentine’s Day gifts.   

This week will also be a great time to check out the deals at the trift sores.  Many people are looking for last minute tax deductions and will donate higher end products in order to maximinze their tax savings.  You’ll probably be able to find many name brand items at this time of year.  One local thrift store in our area has “half-price” Wednesdays.  I intend to go this Wednesday to see what deals I can find.

The best time to purchase calendars is after the new year has begun.  Most retailers will slash the prices drastically.  Sure, you may not have the best selection when you wait, but you will find some great deals!

Are you planning on shopping today?  Do you have any frugal tips to pass along? Please post!


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