Family Friendly Options for Celebrating New Year’s Eve

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Celebrating on New Year’s Eve becomes more complex when you are a parent.  Firstly, it’s difficult to find a babysitter on that night.  Secondly, it’s difficult to be out until the wee hours of the morning and get up early in the morning with the kids the next day.

No need to worry, there are some great family friendly ways to ring in the New Year.

Have A Family Friendly Party

For many years, friends of ours had a family party every New Year’s Eve.  Both parents and their kids were welcome at this party.  The kids played board games or watched kid friendly videos.  The adults conversed, ate, and danced.  Everyone had a great time!

If you are attending a party like this, it’s always nice to bring a game to keep the children entertained.  You may also ask if your host would like you to contribute a dish for the buffet. 

Monitor your children and keep in mind that it’s best to leave an event like this if your kids become overly tired.  Some children were able to stay up until midnight.  Others fell asleep on the couch and didn’t really care about the noise level.  Other children became crabby and cried after their bedtime.  While you may want to stay longer, it’s best for your children to just call it a night.

Attend A Community Event

Some communities have parties for residents.  Usually, there is a cover charge.  This charge pays for the entertainment and food at the event.  If you have extra money this holiday, this might be a great way to take in some family friendly fun.

Attend a Church Event

Many churches have family friendly activities on New Year’s Eve.  For many years, our church had a New Year’s Eve bonfire.  There was plenty of food for everyone and the kids enjoyed being with their friends.  Some years, they hired musical acts to perform to keep everyone entertained too.

Party At Home

You may not have money to go to a community event, or have family or friends who are hosting a party.  Perhaps you don’t attend a church that is having any activities tonight.  Now what?

You can still make your own fun.  The Dollar Store has New Year’s decorations and noise makers.  Pick up some silly hats, decorations, and noise makers.  Your children will be thrilled! Sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice served in fancy cups will also be a big deal with the kids. If you have neighbors who are staying home tonight, you can invite them over for twice the fun.

Your children may not be able to stay up until 12 am.  Feel free to celebrate the New Year whenever.  When our children were all very young, we used to celebrate the New Year at noon and then put them to bed at the regular time. 

However you decide to celebrate (or even if you don’t celebrate), I wish you and your family a very happy 2009!


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