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Hello!  Welcome to And You Will Graduate. I’m Mary Davis, a former college academic adviser who recently switched careers.  I’m now a freelance writer and blogger.  This switch has allowed me to be at home with my baby and to be more available to my two school-aged kids.  But sometimes I miss my old job.

I worked at the local community college where I was named “Outstanding Academic Adviser of the Year” by my students for two consecutive years.  What an honor it was to help students of all ages and backgrounds to navigate their way through the sometimes confusing world of college life.  It can be complex, but you don’t have to get through it alone.  Visit here often to read about all aspects of pursuing your college education.  And don’t forget to use the resources and get to know the staff of your own college or university.

This blog allows me to combine my love of higher education with my passion for writing.  I can’t think of anything better than that.  I always encouraged my students to assess their interests and aptitudes when considering a future career.  Career exploration is just one of the topics we’ll cover here.  I’ll give advice on choosing your classes, studying effectively, and managing your time.  We’ll also explore topics like gaining independence and interacting with your peers.  All areas of college life will be considered, so please give me your suggestions and ask lots of questions!  I look forward to helping you through your journey.


Welcome to the HART-Empire Network Mary!

Cindy King says:

Hello Mary,

Good luck on your new endeavor!

Mary says:

Thank you so much, Hart! I’m incredibly happy to be here.

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