Frugal Friday

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Saving money when you are raising children is a difficult thing to do.  It is possible however.  One way you can save money almost effortlessly is by changing your shopping day and the time you shop!

Some stores offer discounts if you shop on a certain day of the week.  One of our local gas stations offers a 5 cent discount if you purchase gasoline on a Thursday.  Although gas isn’t as expensive as it was this summer, it is still great to be able to save money on your purchases.  Another gas station offers a 10 cent discount per gallon if you purchase gasoline between 4pm and 7pm each day.

If you are military, you can save between 10-20% on your purchases when you shop on a Tuesday at Walgreens!  Although each store offers the discount, the amount of that discount seems to vary from store to store.

Many restaurants also have deals for families.  If you want to eat out, but it isn’t quite in the budget, try scouting around for family discounts at restaurants in your area.  In our area, Friendly’s Family Restaurant has family night on Tuesday.  Children eat free when accompanied by an adult.  There is also entertainment for the children at the restaurant.  Golden Corral has family night on a Tuesday as well. 

You can also rack up the savings at your local grocery store by changing your shopping day.  Many stores routinely mark down their produce, meats and bakery items mid-week.  It’s possible to save up to 40% on these items. 

The next time you are shopping at your favorite store, ask the store manager when or if their items get “marked down”.  You might also ask if there are other deals that they offer.  Every so often at our store, they have a meat sale.  It’s usually only on a Friday, and you can purchase cuts of meat for 50% off regular prices.

If you shop at a local farmer’s market to get your produce, you can save large amounts of money by changing your shopping time! About an hour before the market closes, many of the farmers and merchants are looking to simply sell their goods.  The closer it gets to closing time, the deeper the discounts.  I’ve gotten free produce simply because it was close to closing time and it was more convenient for the merchant to give the items away rather than to package them up and sell them the next day somewhere else.

Try some of these simple suggestions and see if your savings start to multiply!


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