Alternative Places to Sell Your Books

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somebody get this girl a novel!Did you sell your books back to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester?  Hopefully, you didn’t.  Often times, you get just a fraction of what you paid for the book when you return it during the buy back period.  If you still have your old books, you’ll want to research some of these options for selling them for more money than you’d expect to get from your school’s bookstore.

Well-Known Outlets

Here are some options you may have heard of but not considered for selling your books.  You’re likely to get a better price, and you’ll be helping someone else save money too.

Craig’s List – This site is well-known for finding local bargains as well as employment, housing, and community information.  Just choose your state from the home page, then click on your city.  You can then search for books under the “for sale” tab. – This is where many students head to buy and sell their texts. In fact, there’s a helpful box on the home page where you can enter your book’s ISBN number and get a list of titles that match your exact search. – You’ve probably purchased lots of items through Amazon, but did you know you can sell used texts here?  I’ve purchased many used books for my graduate school coursework through Amazon and have been very pleased with the prices I’ve received.

Sites Specifically for College Students

There are so many sites out there that cater to the used textbook needs of college students – way more than when I was an undergrad!  Take a look at these to see if they meet your needs.

eCampus – This site has it all!  You’ll find books of every category. You’ll find other items students need, like college apparel and DVD’s.  And for those going green, you can check out their selection of ebooks.  The best part I found here is the opportunity to get free shipping on orders over $59.

textbooksRus – In a study done by Campus Grotto, this place was found to be the best for selling your books.  And they offer 99 cent shipping. – The name says it all – they specialize in textbooks, so you’d think this would be a place to get a good price for your books.  You can sell your books here anytime, and they have a rewards program that earns you 10% back on books with guaranteed buyback.  Not bad.  There’s also free UPS shipping.

No matter which option you choose, do your research and comparison shop. Take a look around and find out which site offers the best price for your books.  Also, you may want to look into finding one place to both buy your new books and sell your old ones for more efficiency.  Don’t forget to take the cost of shipping into account in the overall price.  Many sites offer free shipping if you’re looking to buy books; this is definitely something to consider.


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