Get Help Filling Out the FAFSA

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FAFSA is a term you should be familiar with if you’re currently a college student receiving financial aid. If you’re in the process of applying to colleges and will need financial aid, you definitely need to know about the FAFSA.  money

What Is the FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Filling it out is the first step in applying for any government financial aid.  You must complete this document.  It’s really not that complicated, but there are resources out there to help.

Don’t Pay to Fill Out the FAFSA

Do not pay to fill out the FAFSA.  There are websites out there that try to convince people they need to pay for the form.  You don’t.  The FAFSA is free and can be found at the official Federal Student Aid website.

There Is Help

A great place to go for information is the Financial Aid Podcast website.  They offer free internet radio shows and podcasts all about financial aid and financial planning for students and for their parents.  You can even download the information on your iPod and listen to it on your way to classes.  They offer a free ebook and lots of great information on scholarships.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 15th at 9:00 pm Eastern for a free 1 hour webcast on filling out the FAFSA. You’ll have the opportunity to ask individual questions about the steps involved in completing the FAFSA.  The presentation is led by Christopher Penn of Financial Aid Podcast.  Go here to register for this free event.  It’s definitely worth your time.  You’ll get great information and peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

Don’t Delay

Don’t put off filling out the FAFSA.  The new form for the 2009 school year is available now.  Most schools require a completed FAFSA to begin the financial aid process, and there are deadlines.

You’ll find a partial list of deadlines on the official FAFSA website.  Many states have deadlines as early as April, so don’t put it off!

The FAFSA is a necessary, but mostly painless part of obtaining financial aid.  Make it even easier by attending the FREE webinar on February 15th at 9:00 pm Eastern.

And, most importantly, do not pay to fill out the FAFSA.  You can fill it out yourself or with the help of your parents vey easily.  There is no need to pay someone for help.


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