Inexpensive Room Decorating Ideas for Kids

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Children’s rooms don’t have to be boring.  They also don’t have to cost a lot of money to decorate.  With some paint and a little imagination, it’s possible to create a spectacular room which your children will enjoy for years to come.

The Seascape

My one daughter loves the ocean.  We inexpensively decorated her room to look the beach.  She loves to show off her room to her friends, and even several years later, she’s yet to request that we change things in her room.  To pull this off, we put down sand colored tiles on the floor.  They were inexpensive and also clean up quickly!

We painted her room in two colors of blue.  The bottom half of her room was decorated in a green blue to look like the ocean.  The upper half of her room was decorated in a sky blue color.  I found wall stickers in the shape of clouds at the craft store and put those around the “sky”.  I found ocean wall stickers at a different store and put those in the “ocean”.  We covered the ceiling of her room with glow in the dark star stickers.

We co-ordinated the sheets and bed coverings with the room color combinations too.  Her room looks great, and it cost very little to actually co-ordinate the room.

The Compromise

My other two daughters share a room, but they have very different decorating tastes.  One likes the color purple, and the other likes pink.

We decided to compromise.  We painted one wall pink and one wall purple.  The other two walls we painted half in pink and half in purple.  We found a really nice looking wall border with pink and purple in the border.  I put the border around the room to “tie” the two colors together and believe it or not, it works.

We found a rug with geometric designs and found a similar pattern for the bedspreads.  We found beaded curtains in both pink and purple and hung them over the existing curtains for a neat retro look.  The girls also found a pink lava lamp which they feel perfectly completes their room decor.

If you are thinking about re-designing your children’s rooms, you can save some money by purchasing paint when it goes on sale.  Be sure to purchase “kid friendly” paints which can be scrubbed!  Also buy slightly more than you think you will need for touch ups.  You can also save a significant amount of money buy purchasing bedspreads and other linens when these items go on sale during the winter months.

Have fun decorating!


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