4 Fun Winter Time Activities For Kids And Parents

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When we lived up North, I always found winter to be a “difficult” season.  The kids couldn’t go outside to play, and they complained of being bored.  They also spent way to much time watching TV.

Here are some great activities to keep your children free from boredom during the winter

Plan A Garden

This may sound odd to some, but some children really enjoy this activity.  During the winter months, my children and I loved to look at the seed catalogs and begin to plan for our garden.  We usually planted a flower garden, and a vegetable garden.

Around February, we’d order seed packets and start germinating them indoors.  As we watched the plants grow, it was a reminder that spring wasn’t too far away!

Learn A New Hobby

During the winter months when bad weather is common, many people limit their activities or outings.  If it’s icy or snowing, it might not be safe to go out.  Because of this, it seems as if there is a lot of “extra” time which can lead to boredom in the kids.

One way to fill up “extra” time is by learning a new hobby.  Perhaps you want to introduce your children to model railroading or some other indoor hobby.  Maybe you’d like to teach your children to knit or quilt!  There are many resources for hobbies on the internet.  You can also check out books at your local library or, if it’s in the budget, buy hobby books at the bookstore.

Bake Some Homemade Bread

I always liked to bake during the cold winter days because the heat from the stove actually made the house seem warmer!  It also kept the children busy.

Baking bread with the children in the winter is a great idea because it is labor intensive(lots of kneading and stirring), and expends some energy.  It also takes some time to bake bread and so it is a great activity to do during your housebound days.

If you don’t like to bake bread, you can also bake roll out cookies with your children.  If you are really adventurous, you can even ask the children to decorate the cookies too!  It’s messy, but lots of fun. 

Decorate The House

Winter is a great time to begin some of those indoor home projects you have been putting off.  Now is the time to paint or wallpaper your children’s rooms or sew those cushion covers for the sofa!

During good weather, take the children on an outing to the fabric and paint store to get color samples and fabric swatches.  When you have some “down time” when the kids are complaining of boredom, pull out the samples.  Which samples match?  Which colors would go well in the living room?  What about their bedrooms?

Do you have any surefire boredom busters that work with your children? Please share!


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