How To Help Your Child Have A Good Self-Esteem

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Developing a strong self-esteem in children is something that is important. In fact, self-esteem is considered to be such an important issue that many public school systems include building self-esteem in their curriculum.  Children who have a positive self-esteem are more confident and resilient when dealing with problems.  They are also less anxious and stressed.

How can you develop a healthy sense of self-esteem in your child?

Encourage Them

Encourage your children and try to catch them “being good”.  Be sure to praise them when they do a good job.  When they misbehave or act out, be sure to address the poor behavior instead of telling the child that they are bad.  For example, you could say, “I don’t like the way that you were behaving.”

Make Time For Them

Our lives can be incredibly busy at times.  It’s important to spend time with your children despite the how busy our lives are.  Spending time with your children show them that they are important and special.  You don’t have to spend time doing incredibly creative or expensive activities either.  Spending time with your child can be as simple as playing a card game together or watching your child’s favorite movie with her.

Accept Them As They Are

Perhaps you always dreamed that your child would attend your college alma mater.  You’ve begun to realize however that your child has absolutely no desire to even go to college.  Now what?  Instead of forcing your child to realize your dreams for him, accept the fact that his dreams and aspirations might be different than your dreams and aspirations for him.  This can be very hard to do.  Forcing your child to be who you would like him to be can actually be very damaging to his self-esteem.

Allow Them To Participate In Activities

Allowing your child to participate in activities that she is interested in can also help to increase self-esteem.  For example, my oldest daughter is very quiet.  She has always had an interest in art, but she’s legally blind.  When she asked to take art lessons several years ago, I was somewhat doubtful about the whole thing.  Nevertheless, after a long search, I finally found an art teacher who was willing to give art lessons to a blind child. My daughter has done some absolutely gorgeous paintings in the past few years.  She is proud of her talent and her self-esteem has really increased because of her confidence in her art abilities.  I’m glad that I didn’t say no to her request!

Do you have any activities or tips to share with other parents about building up a child’s self-esteem?  Please post!


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