What’s Your Study Style?

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girl-studyingIt’s the start of a new semester. Now’s the perfect time to take stock of your study habits and to lay the groundwork for ways to incorporate successful study skills into your routine.

How Long Should I Study?

It’s recommended that you study 2 – 3 hours for every hour that you’re in class per week. So if you’ve got a courseload of 15 credit hours this semester and you go with the low end of 2 hours of study for each hour in class, you’ll be studying 30 hours a week. Add that to the time you’re in class, and you’ve got the equivalent of a full-time job.

This article breaks it down further. Some classes may not require as much effort outside of class as others, but on average, you can expect to spend a tremendous amount of time studying as a college student.

How Can I Get It All Done?

This is where time management comes into play. Be sure to add study time to your daily planner. Establish a regular time and place for study, and your mind will eventually begin to associate the routine with studying. You’ll be far more productive this way.

Also, your study space should be relatively clean and free of distractions. Keep your desk organized and find a spot away from time sucks like internet and television. Remember, you can reward yourself with these things after meeting set goals.

Can’t I Just Cram?

No. Cramming is not a good idea. It’s neither effective nor efficient. The likelihood that you’ll remember all the required information for your exam after a marathon cram session is low. It’s a simple fact.

Dealing with procrastination will help you to develop better study skills. A much better approach to studying is to break it down into parts. Review your notes shortly after each class. Studies show that the majority of information you hear in class is forgotten within 48 hours. Increase your chances of retaining the information by regularly reviewing your notes each day.

Good study skills can be learned. The amount of work required to succeed in college can seem overwhelming. I will continue to discuss specific study skills in future posts to help you develop a regular study habit that’s effective for you.

What topics would you like to see covered? Leave a comment or contact me, and I’ll be sure to address it in an upcoming post.


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