Frugal Friday

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Have you been to your local library recently? 

During these difficult economic times, I’ve noticed that there are many more people checking out books than in years past. I guess people figured out that instead of buying books at the local bookstore, they could borrow the books from the library.  This is a great way to stretch your budget! 

Most people know that libraries have books, but did you know that there’s a lot more waiting for your children at your local library?  Although each library is different, most libraries offer a wide variety of programs, activities, and services which can help you keep your children entertained inexpensively.

Our local library has a CD and DVD collection which is wonderful.  My children can listen to music from countries around the world and travel to other countries virtually using the DVD.  One series featured in our local library explored different landmarks in many different countries.  My children loved learning about China, Japan, and other places around the globe.

There are free programs for children, teens, and adults.  My son enjoys story time.  My teens enjoy hanging out in the teen computer room to socialize with their friends too.  Although I haven’t been able to get out to attend the adult programs, they seem interesting.  One program taught participants how to create elaborate origami pieces.  Once a month, our library has movie night where they show a free movie at the library.  They even have free snacks for those who attend!

During the summer time, our library hosts a summer reading program where children can earn prizes by reading.  Also during the program, there family events and activities each week.  During the summer reading program two years ago, my children got to see a show about Irish Step Dancing.  Because of that show, my two daughters asked to take classes on step dancing!  This year, our library has created a winter reading program too for pre-school aged children.  This looks like a lot of fun.

Our library system also has an online system where you can listen to books online or order books on tape to pick up at your local library branch.  In addition, you can take language classes online too! 

If you don’t have internet access, or if your computer is not working, you can get online using the computers at the library.  You may have to limit the amount of time that you spend on the computers online because of the number of people waiting to use them, but this is still a wonderful service!

Check out your local library–you and your pocketbook will be glad that you did!


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