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These days, people are trying to save money wherever they can.  When you have children, especially teen girls, it’s amazing to see how much money is spent on hair care products and hair cuts.  You can take steps to economize though.

In our area, there are several hair salons that run haircut specials once a quarter.  They have haircuts for $5!  Even though I don’t usually take my children to these salons the rest of the year, I like to take advantage of these specials.  I know that these are sales gimmicks aimed at drawing in customers, but I can still take advantage of the sale even if I don’t intend to become a regular customer.  I also watch the newspaper for other hair cutting specials. 

All of my children but one have “normal” hair.  My one child has very kinky, curly hair and I do buy some special products for her to help her manage her hair.  I buy hair products for the rest of the family at the local drug store when they go on sale.  If your area has a beauty supply shop, you can also pick up some great deals there.  The best part about these shops is that they sell high end products quite cheaply!

Simple haircuts are the cheapest!  If you can convince your teen to wear her hair all one length, you’ll need to only take her to the salon every so often to get the ends trimmed.  If your teen decides on a very trendy or short haircut, you’ll need to take her more often to the salon to keep “the look”. 

If your teen likes to wear her hair layered, you can get her hair layered in “long layers” which look great when they grow out.  It’s possible to go for quite a while between haircuts too as this style wears very well.

If your teen wants to bleach, dye or otherwise chemically experiment with her hair color, perhaps you could convince her to use drug store products and allowing you to help her apply the product.  Going to a salon to have her hair professionally dyed can cost quite a bit!  Not only that, but teens change their minds rapidly.  You may spend quite a bit of money only to find out that your teen wants to change her hair to another color a few weeks later!  Having her help with expenses and labor should cut down on this.  Once your teen finds out that it’s work to change her hair color, it might change her outlook.  Then again, it might not.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you in your quest to find frugal hair care options.


RB says:

Your girls are lucky! When I was 16 I destroyed my hair with sun-in and I thought my mom would disown me. However, money is tight and I almost thought of using sun-in again. I did some research I found some other advice in this feature about saving money overall (like DIY pedicures etc.) [] Best advice for hair: Go for warm tones!

Michelle says:

Ah, didn’t we all destroy our hair at some time or another with bleach and sun in? LOL. Memories.:)

I guess that’s why I said to my kids–hey, you want pink streaks? Let’s go for the kind that shampoo out in a few washings? PLEASE? A funny thing happened, once I said ok. It was no longer something they wanted. Go figure.

Thanks for the link and the great suggestions!

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